December 22, 2009

Momma's Sprung

My mother is now out of the hospital and we are happy that she can get some rest and continue with her recovery. The crazy thing is that the doctors still don't know what caused the seizures. They've ruled out brain tumor, so that's good. But the not knowing is so frustrating.

Adding a drug to treat a symptom instead of treating the root problem is also frustrating, especially because it has it's own side effects. We are hopeful that a private practice neurologist rather than a hospital neurologist can help in pin pointing  what brought on the seizures. Besides ataxia, slurred speech, decreased coordination and mental confusion (all the things I worried about when seeing my mom in the hospital), the new drug also has some ocular side effects like: 

What's crazy about this is that I know what nystagmus is. We used to test our driver's ed students on what it meant after the alcohol lesson. We took it off the test a couple of years ago because it's just such a random bit of information and really not the meat and potatoes of positive driving habits.

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