December 2, 2009

Santa's Little Helper

The boys were so excited on Friday when we got out our Christmas decorations. Most all of our ornaments are now plastic/non-breakable. Occasionally, we have some more fragile ones. Like this ceramic bottle given to Graeden on his first Christmas. Uh, yeah, Jocelyn likes to suck on it.

Tymon also really likes trimming the tree. Each year, he takes a day off of work to do it. Well, actually, his work was closed so it worked out nicely.

Jocelyn helped Tymon and the boys hang the decorations. Each day she goes to the tree to find a new toy to remove and play with. Soon, I'm sure we won't have many decorations on the lower two feet of the tree.

1 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. So familiar. We had a few years where it was the full bottom half of the tree. Now we're better. Now we have a taller tree.


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