December 30, 2009

So Wild

I know the date on this post says December 30th...but for me, it's still the 29th. Super late. Today has been wild. At first, I thought it was going to be wild because we sold Tymon's car that he's had for 10 years.

So long Friend! You've been good for Tymon...but in all honesty I wanted you gone. It didn't take long to convince your best mate, either. We didn't want to pay for your thousand dollar repair or insure you or really even take you to get your emissions test that you were going to fail ... all by next week. So you got the boot. Now we're a measly two-car family. And we're okay with that. Especially since we only have two drivers anyway (and 4 wannabees).

This evening it got really wild when my aunt called my mom when I was over and said that we had a new cousin who was born in 1972 that we've never heard about before. He wanted to meet us and would be at my Uncle Larry P's house in Lake Stevens at 9:30 pm (yeah kind of late...I stayed 2 hours). Long story made short: as a teenager my uncle Steve fathered a child who was placed for adoption. This cousin, I'll call him Mike (because that's his name), has had limited contact with our family...first because of the closed adoption and the years that it took to find his birth mom and then birth father and second because of the adverse reaction of my uncle's wife. Well, through a miracle my aunt has experienced a change of heart. My uncle Larry P felt prompted to take Mike to visit my aunt this afternoon. The visit was good. And now the secret is out. We've got a new cousin.

There are a few uncanny things about Mike.

First is his resemblance to my uncle Dayle who died almost 20 years ago. I will have to get a photo of Dayle from my mom or aunt for a true comparison. Dayle was a favorite uncle for us. He gave us licorice when we would admit to everyone else that he was our favorite uncle. JC and Brett carry on this tradition with my children. Dayle died in a car accident when I was 14 and is buried just a few headstones away from Evan.

Second, he has a daughter named Sierra who was born on October 27th. Our cousin Perry also has a daughter named Siera who was born on October 27th (6 years earlier).

Third, he spent a few summers with his dad living directly behind the auto shop that Steve worked in. He rode past the business every day a couple of times. How wild would that be? Being so close yet so far from your birth father/son? Wow. Wild. Wild. Wild.

Fourth, Mike and my uncle Steve are both mechanics by trade. So interesting. This type of thing furthers the nature versus nurture debate.

I may write more on this. There is certainly more to the story and Mike is an open book. He is diligently trying to piece together his life and see where he fits in. I am happy to have been able to meet him tonight. I am tickled to have another cousin, especially one whose looks embody so many wonderful memories of a favorite uncle. I wonder if Dayle would have been Mike's favorite uncle...yeah, probably.

I also wonder about Jett. Perhaps, I should do more to find out who/where his half brother is. If I even found out his name and birthdate now, it may help in a search later when Jett is interested in finding his birth family.

4 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. Wow. That is wild. We felt the same a little when E.Jay's birth mom came into contact with us. It was a totally weird day. And there were scary ironic things that we found out too. Life is crazy!

  2. HA! Love it. I was adopted, so long lost is the daily norm for me. Good for you and him to reunite:)

  3. Cool story Brid. I am all for open adoptions. In March we are going to Nauvoo Illinois and we are hoping to meet up with Isaac's birth family there. Now, Evi's birth family is another story. We'll see how that one goes.


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