January 26, 2010

Eternal Optimism

For one week I've started a blog post countless times...in my head. Each time, I think of a clever title and then a first line or maybe two to start it out. It's always funny and a real crowd pleaser. I love that. It's just the transition that gets a bit trickier and the story isn't happy for me and then I get angry. Really angry. Crying angry. This trial isn't the end of the world. Although at times, it seems like it. So, for now the post is on hold until I can muster up some of Natalie's eternal optimism.

6 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. I have been feeling the same way. Sometimes it's easier not to write because it's so hard to stay positive.

    Sweet Natalie. I just started reading. What a sweetheart. Incredible.

  2. I totally relate...I've been the same way on my blog. You just get kind of sick writing/reading/hearing about it sometimes! *hug*

    angel Gavin's mom

  3. Holy Crap, I'd just fly up there to give you a hug. You sure have helped me in so many ways just by being so open with your healing and heartache. I am so grateful for our friendship to continue, even so far away.

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  5. Dear Brid,
    I still pray for you. And every time I read your blog, I still cry with you. I love you!

  6. Thank you for your comments lovely ladies. I should clarify, though. The anger is directed toward my pancreas and not about Evan. I'm not crazy angry about that...anymore. But I am like that when it comes to eating whatever, whenever and however much I want.


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