January 28, 2010

Laugh Out Loud

Three stories. All today. Smiles and laughs all the way around. It's been good.

1. This morning Jett said our family prayer before Tymon left for work. The best part was that he prayed thanks for Graeden's dinosaur pajamas....and "especially that the dinos don't ever come out [of them]." I think Heavenly Father was laughing, too. 

2. On my way into the office I stopped behind a semi-truck at a traffic signal. Someone had taken the liberty to write in the dirt on the back of the trailer: More Taxes, Please!

3. And for the grand finale......I was talking with my brother Brett at the office today about some recent health concerns that have come up in our family. My father was just diagnosed with diabetes in November...perhaps it's still in the pre-diabetes stage. My 37 year old brother was diagnosed with full on diabetes a week or so before that. My mother has been insulin-dependent for the last several years. I had a physical this month and some lab tests done and my doctor told me that my blood sugar levels are slightly elevated...like pre-diabetes elevated. I need to lose 10-15 pounds and exercise and maybe I can control it. What?! A diet?! That's a 4-letter-word in my vocabulary.  I do NOT do diets.

I checked the American Diabetes Association's website to find out how to control pre-diabetes with diet instead of medication. And what did I find? Yeah, cut out carbs...they just elevate your blood sugar levels. Eat your veggies except not potatoes. Potatoes are bad. And by the way, fat isn't good and too much protein isn't great, either. Uh, yeah, so what's left? So the laugh out loud part in all of this is that when my loving brother was counseling me that I shouldn't starve myself that my cut off answer (due to another interruption) was that,
"I'm not starving myself. I'm just not eating..." 
He laughed the rest of the afternoon about that.

So, this is what really leaves me scratching my head: 80% of people with pre-diabetes are overweight. I'm 5 feet and 6.75 inches tall and a size 6. The plan to get my blood sugar levels at a decent level are the same for someone who is 50 pounds heavier than me. That doesn't make sense to me. Yes, I have some weight to lose. I still have Evan's birth weight (I lost Jocelyn's). After I lose those 15 pounds, then I'll weigh the same as I did in junior high and high school and I'll still be a size 6. A thinner 6, yes, but still a 6.

And the grief sets in. All the stages are there.

Shock and Denial: That lab test must have been wrong! My blood is fine. My doctor doesn't know what she's talking about. I'm going to get another opinion from a naturopath. They don't push drugs for all that ails like medical doctors. (I stopped by the store on the way home from the doctor and bought a glucose tester. I have tested my blood 20 times in the last 10 days. Yup, it's elevated.)

Pain and Guilt: Candy has been the love of my life. I've been overloading my pancreas for years with lots of delicious carbs and plenty of sweet gummy bears and sour patch kids. I did this to myself. I'm going to have a few Jelly Bellys and call it good.

Anger and Bargaining: What?! I'm not so overweight! Everybody else with diabetes 2 is fat. Don't tell me to lose weight Dr. X when you are obviously carrying a few more pounds than I am. Yeah, I'll go to the gym an extra day each week and stop eating anything that tastes good...just don't put me on any medication.

Depression, Reflection, Loneliness: I can't eat anything. I'm hungry all the time. Maybe that's positive. I have been wanting to lose weight anyway. Now the doctor has validated the need to do it.

The Upward Turn: I'll find a great new cook book...maybe take some culinary classes to learn how to make new pancreatic-friendly foods.

Reconstruction and Working Through: Hey, I love salad and can also eat pretty much all the squash I can handle. The boys loved the hard boiled and deviled eggs that we've been making. I just cleaned out the grocery store of Bob's Red Mill grains and ground flax seed. Whole grain carbs aren't so bad as the simple ones...

Acceptance and Hope: The test was accurate. Genetics got me. It is what it is and I hope to be able to turn things around.

7 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. Okay Miss Size 6... that's just crazy! And I love the prayer about the dinosaurs. Keep laughing. It's the best medicine. Much better than anything any doctor can prescribe!

  2. Ahh! Those sneaky little genes can be so unfair. I eat almost zero fat and my husband drinks half and half like it's milk. His cholesterol is LOW and mine is HIGH!

  3. This post actually got me LOLing. And banging my head into a wall. Lose weight, you? As far as I can remember you in the "good old days" (won't mention any numbers), some strange noise accompanied you anywhere you went... Bones rattling!!!

    Bridget, honey, genetics suck. And try as hard as you want, there's no beating them, you can only delay the inevitable. I wish you all the best in the attempts, my dad is "now" diabetic (stage 2, on insulin), and he is really undisciplines, doesn't care about any diets and being "careful". And he gets along just fine. I can only hope my genes don't mess with me as well in a few years' time. (and I have to get the gestational diabetes test in a few days anyway)

    Do you have any idea how small US size 6 is? I just googled it, and discovered I never wore it!!! Not that I'm complaining, I like all the meat on my bones, and my husband loves the curves! ;-)

  4. Wow, way to go on getting through the stages that fast! :) Good luck girl, I may need to join you on this diet adventure of yours!

  5. Wow, that is interesting. You are definitely slender, and it's crazy to think you would need to lose even a pound! Diabetes is an interesting thing...One thing I learned from having Gestational Diabetes is that it's really annoying, frustrating, time-consuming, etc. to have diabetes, but the diet is so good for you. I don't have anything forcing me to be healthy now that the GD is gone, and I'm definitely falling back into my old ways (carbs & sugar). I felt really good doing the diabetic diet. I had energy and liked eating healthy. It's just SO HARD! I feel ya, sister! Good luck.

  6. Hey! I had some tests done on my kidneys last year. Most of my problems were due to taking too much ibuprofen. I would take it for dance injuries. But balanced nutrition for any disease is a great medicine. Bad nutrition doesn't have to manifest itself by fat. . .And sometimes it is another habit (or just genes, eh?) that will get you.

  7. What! If you loose 15 lbs there will be nothing left of you!


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