January 6, 2010


Why is it that my best marble picker upper is my smallest child? It's almost as if she doesn't realize that we are so diligent about picking them up and putting them away for her sake. Nearly every day she finds some hiding somewhere and always finds me to give them to. Last night she was especially cute giving me marbles every few minutes (Graeden had thrown some into my bedroom a couple of nights prior). I turned them over to Elliott who put them away with our marble game. He didn't know what to make of Jocelyn finding new marbles the entire evening.

5 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. I bet you have fun with some of those marble puns at your house. I don't do marbles at mine. 'twould make me lose some.

  2. I have been avoiding marbles for awhile, however I just bought Ammon "hungry,hungry hippos" tonight, we will soon see if I regret it.

  3. I just have one thing to say...I hope you don't start finding marbles in diapers!

  4. I was really surprised several years ago when I found a balloon in Graeden's diaper. He'd gotten into a package of water balloons...but I didn't realize he ate one until the next day.


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