January 11, 2010

One Year Three Months Thirteen Days

Evan spent one year, three months and thirteen days with our family. This photo, while taken at the Labor Day picnic 2008, could have been from a meeting with God....just imagine....

Heavenly Father: Evan, it's time to enter the next phase of your life.
Evan: Whatchu talkin' about?
Tymon: Uh, I dunno...maybe...
Elliott: (burst into tears)
Heavenly Father: Okay, I'll give you two weeks.

Today, Jocelyn is just the right age and size. She gives just the best hugs. Developmentally, she does just the right things to remind us of Evan.

Tomorrow, Jocelyn will physically age beyond Evan. How backward that seems. Yet it is what it is. What a blessing Jocelyn has been for our family. She helps us confront and push through our grief. The resurrection has never been more real or meant so much to me as it does now. I'm grateful that this life is not the end. There is more. I can hardly wait until we will be together forever. Someday.

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  1. what a sweet post. you amaze me with your strength.

  2. It has been something my mind makes conscious note of also, when our children pass the ages their siblings were when they died. It is just one more way things get out of order when a child dies, another abstract-things-are-not-supposed-to-work-like-this kind of thing. It's good your little girl is growing still, and I am glad you have comfort to understand Evan's place in the eternities.

  3. I'm still a little freaked out when I see my brother's friends in their 30's. I still feel protective of them, like a little mother hen. I always want them to succeed. And when they are going through a tough time, I ache for them. But when they come to visit with yet another child in tow, it feels right. Life going on is good.

  4. Thank you for your post Bridge...I love the reminders.

  5. Thank you for your post Bridge...I love the reminders.

  6. Just caught up with you and I must say you are amazing. Thanks for sharing your grief and healing journey. It is remarkable how close Evan and Jocilyn are in looks.
    Love to you!

  7. Wonderful post! Your Evan is so adorable...I am sure he and our Evan are pals up there...

    You have such strength. Thank you for letting me feel it through your post.


  8. I love the reminders you give me to enjoy each moment. Thank you!


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