January 21, 2010

Secret Prayers

I forgot to mention the best thing that Jett's teacher mentioned to me after class yesterday. At snack time, the kids had just started eating and Jett wanted to say a blessing on the food. It's great that he is yet unaffected by what others do. His teacher told him that he could say a prayer by himself like one of the other teachers at the school does, but that it's a private thing.

And it brings to my mind how inconsistent I am in my prayers for the Lord's blessing on my food. We always say them when we are at home. When I am at the office, I don't know that I've ever said one. I eat at my desk (we don't really have a lunchroom besides the empty classroom) so no one else is around and would "see" me pray. Sometimes, my brother is there and we grew up praying so that's no big deal if he sees me. Maybe I don't pray there because we are constantly snacking and praying each time would really add up to quite a bit of time since we'd be praying for each bite of food. When we're in restaurants, occasionally we say the quick prayer and most of the time we say nothing. It's the inconsistency that is getting to me.

I think I'd feel better if we just came up with a plan and stuck with it. Either we pray in front of everyone or we commit to doing it in the car before eating out or we do it in front of people or whatever. We just need to decide what to do and then do that. As for lunch and school, obviously my boys could use some direction. They've already faced the peer pressure about not praying...so arming them with practical tools would be wonderful.

What do you and your family do?

3 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. I've had this conversation with my boys and husband several times. I think formal prayers at meal times together are crucial. However, that is not always do-able. We try and we help to remind each other to keep on a consistent conversation with the Lord all throughout the day in our heads. That's what we do.

  2. We had the same question but a few years ago read a scripture that said something about standing as a believer in all things and places. So, we do pray at meals in restaurants, etc. Because of TV and other media, people often think that "everyone else" is leaving God and family, and that it's abnormal to still believe in something so "archaic" as prayer...and yet so many more people still believe in God and want to live a good life, no matter what religion they are. (We live in the bible belt so that's the way it is here at least.) It's nice to stand for something by doing it. No one around us has ever shown any offense when we pray in public. We do it quietly and don't make a show of it.

  3. My Southern Baptist friend would always ask me to pray with her at restaurants. I was a little embarrassed. I was even embarrassed in the MTC because I didn't want to share such a private thing in front of people.


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