January 15, 2010


After dropping off Elliott at school this morning, the following takes place:
Jett: Mom, how do you spell car?
Me: C-A-R
Jett: Mom, how do you spell gas?
Me: G-A-S
Jett: Mom, how do you spell house?
Me: Jett, why do you care? You won't remember how to spell it, will you? How do you spell car?
Jett: Uh...I dunno.
Me: How do you spell gas?
Jett: Uh...
Me: See? I'll tell you how to spell things when you remember how to spell.
Jett: Uh... uh... C-A-R?

What?! Seriously? Jett is three and a half. And he actually was paying attention?

Jett spent some time with Ammon (almost 3) and my friend Amber yesterday while I was working. They happened to go to the doctor and Amber relayed to me that Ammon started talking about being born at the doctor's (well not with this foot doctor ha ha). Jett added that he came from Heavenly Father and that Michelle had him in the hospital and then he came to live with our family.

Surprise #1: Jett remembered Michelle's name and produced on his own with NO prompting in an appropriate situation. (Amber didn't know Michelle's name until she told me the story and I confirmed it.)
Surprise #2: Jett is demonstrating that he understands what it means to be adopted.
Surprise #3: Jett was actually paying attention when we look at a photo of him as a newborn and Michelle.

Wow. He's like a sponge...just soaking it in and then one day he surprise wrings it all out.

6 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. Kids are completely amazing- they can't remember to flush the toilet after themselves, but then they remember something you said ONCE, like "That was stupid." And then it takes a long time to remove "stupid" from their vocabulary.

  2. Pretty cool. Kid's really are amazing. That's a cute photo, too.

  3. Oh ye of little faith! If I were with you I would have said, "Jett, don't listen to mommy, I'll tell you what you want to spell anytime!" But then, I guess it worked, eh? He realized that he needed to take the next step in his education by practicing it, remembering it, and owning it. Your blunt attitude used to make me mad. I thought your were so rude. But when you always ended up right I had to relent and learn to love you! HAHAHAHA!

  4. I didn't mean that last comment rude. It was a compliment.

  5. You go Jett!!! What an adorable little man!

  6. It just proves that kids have a selective memory. They can only recall things that will benefit them at the time...what a smart boy!

    On an unrelated note, I hope this isn't a bad question to post on your blog, but I just got assigned to visit teach a girl who lost her daughter a few months ago, and I was just wondering if you have any advice as to how I should handle it.I don't really know her, so I don't feel like asking her to pour her heart out to me is appropriate, but I don't want to ignore it either. Any advice? You can e-mail me if you want to, and if this question is totally out of line just let me know =)



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