February 26, 2010


My wonderful son was awarded today for "always being kind and respectful to [his] classmates." I love this. Especially since he shows little mercy with his siblings at home. Occasionally these days he will not tease them for a few minutes a day. That's usually when he's playing the card game "spider" on the computer. Other than that it's a hit here or a kick there. Calling a name or pushing. Everyone is "stinky" or "stupid". What I'm in awe of is how different Graeden's behavior is at school...and I've witnessed it when I've been in the classroom. Someone's pencil box falls off the desk and he's right there, of his own choosing, helping to pick up the contents. Maybe we should be giving out awards at family home evening. Throw in a date with Dad for ice cream and maybe we can get some kind and respectful behavior at home.
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3 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. It must be a Pierce thing... Erik is the same way. Who is this boy at school and why can't I see him more often at home?? ;)

  2. AWW! He's just a chip off the 'ol block. Way to beee a great mama to this great gentleman.

  3. Aw! Proud moments in parenting! He is normal and will be fine!


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