February 12, 2010

Bunny Bread

I've been loving Amazon the past few months ever since I got the Prime membership. What I love is not just the free shipping on Amazon products, but that they arrive at my front door in just two days. Wow. And if I want it faster...like the next day...it's only $3.99 extra. I love it.

My latest find is a great bread maker. Well, it's supposed to be great anyway. It had great reviews. The loaves online always looked perfect. I wonder if I got the same product... 

I tell you, my boys loved the virgin loaf. We named it bunny bread. ha ha ha...it's pretty much the saddest thing I've ever made...or seen for that matter. To be fair to Zojirushi, I think that my yeast was too old. Apparently, I haven't done any baking in a while because the expiration date on my yeast was in 2005. Oops. I'm happy the banana bread turned out better.

5 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. I heart Amazon. Your bread looks delish! YUM.

    Thanks for your sweet comment! Love ya

  2. Did the bread taste good? There's nothing like hot homemade bread! Yum! I think looks do not matter too much... although it would be hard to make sandwiches out of the bunny loaf!

  3. The picture of your bread made me laugh out loud! It reminds me of how I feel in the morning before the little dose of war paint goes on.

  4. That's a great picture of your "bunny bread." I agree with Nichole though, looks don't matter as much as taste. Enjoy your new bread machine!

  5. The bread was super dense. I hated to throw it out so I sawed it up and made some stuffing with it. And that turned out a little salty. So, oh well, it was only the first loaf. I bought a new package of yeast tonight and another loaf is in now.


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