February 9, 2010

Dr. Elliott Is In The House

This morning I entered the kitchen to find Dr. Elliott (4 years old) with Jocelyn (16 months) and my blood glucose tester. He had a test strip loaded in and was adjusting the finger poker. I caught him right before he was about to collect a sample of her blood. So, yeah, Dr. Elliott thinks this is a game. Oh, how I wish it weren't real!
Sunday morning, I tested each one of the kids' over night fasting glucose levels. Jocelyn was so cute. I wanted to do the boys in order of age so I could keep the readings in order and not forget who went in when. Jocelyn watched as each boy got pricked. She sat next to me holding her finger out patiently in between each of her brothers...desperately wanting a turn. I have put that image in my mental photo album.

5 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. Part of spending time at Matt's parents house includes a blood test. It's a bonding ritual. Definately keep thinking of it as that....:) But hey, maybe good ol Elliott is to become a brilliant doctor. This could be good!

  2. Wow. You are amazing! I so admire you!

  3. came over here from natalie norton's blog. I know our journeys are different, but our grief is the same.

    thank you for being so honest...i see myself in so much of what you write.

    i will be back!

  4. That's so cute! Good thing you came in when you did!

  5. Wait, ok, so this is like serious? Not that I thought your post about being pre-diabetic was just an alarmist feature to your blog, but pre means before, and preventable, right? I mean, . . . you ok? And why test the kids?


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