February 6, 2010


As of 10 minutes ago, Tymon and I are now up to date on the new season of LOST. I firmly believe that the title of this show is less about people being stranded on a time shifting island and more about the confusion of me and other viewers trying to follow multiple dimensions, love triangles with dead people, resurrection of the dead, smoke clouds creating bodies to possess and going on killing rampages, several sets of island natives, the same person being alive in two different places and the hook of time travel in the plot. I just don't get it. And I can hardly wait for the next episode ... maybe we'll have to wait a few weeks and then watch several in one sitting. I like it better that way...it's not nearly as suspenseful and I can breathe easier.

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  1. I'm a big fat LOST fan too. The simulateous stories in LA and the island really confused me until I listened to an online podcast of Jorge Garcia (Hurley) and his girlfriend analyzing the script as they initially read the script. So they recorded it back in August and can now realease it on his blog:http://geronimojacksbeard.blogspot.com/

    ~Anyway it was suggested that even tho the stories are shown simulateously, it doesn't mean that it happened simultaneously. They both could have happened at different times, hence Juliet's ghostly words, "It worked"
    Here's his personal blog:

  2. I have heard of this show, but have never seen it. I DO remember though when I was pregnant with Link I wanted to name him Sawyer, and EVERY SINGLE PERSON said; "Oh, like from Lost!" Ummmmm, I guess so? I guess even though I have not experienced the show, it has affected my life in the way I name my kids. I definitely didn't want everyone saying that for the rest of his life!

  3. I agree with being able to watch multiple episodes at a time. I just recently started watching LOST, I am only on Season 3. There have been so many times that I have been glad to be able to click 'next episode' instead of having to wait a WHOLE week! I also second the title description you gave. What a great show!

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!!! So glad that you have joined us obsessed folk!

  5. We, too, are a little obsessed with Lost. I guess it is easy to do, since they just tease you with so little information and leave you wanting more.


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