February 14, 2010

The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow

Tonight Tymon and I saw Annie. It was SO good. Tymon keeps telling me that we saw it last time it came to Seattle. But I just don't remember it. There were several jabs made at President Roosevelt, the lousy economy and his New Deal. What's funny is that there seemed to be so many similarities between him and Obama.

Seeing Annie and her adoption story, I'm reminded of my recent thoughts that our family should adopt again. Ever since the earthquake in Port au Prince last month, I've been thinking that we should adopt a Haitian child. We talked to Graeden about it. He liked the idea. He wanted an older brother. Then he thought we should get a couple of girls. "Let's get two because we have a lot of room on our trampoline and there are only 3 of us (he doesn't include Jocelyn). A lot more than 3 can jump at the same time." And really, is there a better reason to adopt than that? We have plenty of room for more kids to jump.

Then I think about how crazy it would be in our home to add another child. And often, I just miss the little someone that should be here. Yes, I'd be delighted with my Little Extra Crazy. When I imagine our reunion, I think of it like Sara's with her boy...and a true miracle like Lazarus's. Only it'll feel so much sweeter having my own miracle. Tears of Joy. Pure Joy.

2 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. We also want to adopt, one day! I know we are suppose to! You give me the impression you have adopted before, I didn't realize that. :) Adoption is a miracle and a blessing. I wish you guys the best in your journey :)

  2. We adopted Jett as a newborn in 2006.


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