March 17, 2010

Awkward Call

I called my allergy doctor this afternoon to make an appointment. I just had the feeling I should be following up with the shot that I just had as well as getting the 96 food allergy blood test results back. When I gave the receptionist my name, she said, "oh you missed your appointment this morning at 10:30am." What?! I had an appointment? Unbelievable. I don't even recall making it. I checked my calender. It was written on it and then crossed out....whoa. Awkward. I apologized and hope she doesn't charge me the $50 or $75 or whatever the fee is for missing an appointment. After all, I did fill one of those appointment gaps a couple of weeks ago with only 2 hours notice.

I did get some of my test results back. I missed writing some of them down because I couldn't write fast enough. That combined with huge here goes....I'm allergic to:

1. Basil
2. Green beans
3. Blueberries
4. Cashews
5 Chicken
6. Egg white
7. Wheat/gluten
8. Oregano
9. Black pepper
10. Sesame
11. Tomato
12. Yeast - 2 types

Chicken Alfredo
Uh, what are you kidding me? No wonder I have little bumps on the backs of my arms, eczema and maybe, just maybe, this is what is causing me to be so tired all the long chicken fettuccine, you contain ingredients from 1/3 of the list...which actually gives me extra motivation to suffer through my LDA diet days.

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  1. Wow! That's a lot of things to be allergic to. Hope the allergy treatments work great so you can eat all of those without problems. Are the bumps on the back of your arms from allergies? I have them too and I thought they were normal for most people to have them. Love, Kristal

  2. Yup, bumps on the backs of your arms are from food allergies. Obviously I've been eating these foods my entire life with "few problems". But now I've got Jocelyn and Graeden appointments to see the doctor. Jocelyn has a habitually red cheek. I think she's allergic to cashews...mainly it's her favorite food. Graeden has had eczema symptoms for the last 5 years...about the time he started eating lots of foods. There's one doctor in Utah (Provo) that can do LDA therapy...but there is also one in Las Vegas that would be closer to you if you wanted to try it. As far as I know LDA is the only treatment available for food allergies.

  3. Farewell cashew chicken and bruschetta, too! That's quite the list. I have arm bumps and eczema, too. Allergies?

  4. I'm not sure if the arm bumps come from anything other than allergies...but they may just be allergies. Here is a link to the doctors that do LDA shots (apparently they are WAY common in Europe for food allergies but not so much here):

  5. Huh. I have those bumps on the back of my arms too. What a list of allergies, Bridget! I'm sorry. Hopefully the shots will help that.

  6. YIKES! I hope you don't starve over there :)

  7. I think I need to make an appt. now. I have the bumps and am so tired all of the time. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Ok, all of this makes me wonder why I get sluggish so much. Interesting.


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