March 14, 2010

Elliott's Birthday

Elliott LOVED his teddy bear cake.
Thank you to those of you who brought Elliott his wonderful gifts. They were a huge hit. If I don't know who gave what and your thank you card is a little vague, I apologize. I made several attempts to get the kids to back up. They kept creeping up close again. At a certain point, I believe Elliott let them all open the last few presents at the same time. We only saw paper idea what came from what packaging.

Jocelyn loved the extra kids in the house...especially the "new" boots one of the girls left near the door.

And Grandma Coleen gave her a dress that we put her in today. It fits perfectly and I love the hat. Of course, she only kept it on for a photo.

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2 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. Kids are so fun on their birthdays. Oh the excitement! Happy birthday to Elliott!

  2. Happy birthday Elliott! How fun that h has so many siblings there to celebrate with him!


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