March 5, 2010

Newly Realized Love

I have recently discovered that I like the literary genre of science fiction. I grew up thinking it revolved around outer space and big mother ships battling aliens. For me, that is so unrealistic and crazy that I could never get into it.

My perspective has changed now that I find it is more true to life and less spacey. I love to consider the twists of time and eternal laws that act in our lives. LOST is one of my favorite shows. I enjoy the time travel episodes, although sometimes I am unsure of when a character is.

Tymon and I just watched the new Star Trek movie last week. The twist with Spock time traveling was fun to consider. Two Spocks. One old and one young. I like to think that somewhere, somehow and somewhen there could be another me helping to prepare me for the rest of my life.

And what if children could really escape into a cupboard and go away for a time and live in a fantasy land? They would come back with grown up experiences and a maturity that wouldn't come from playing legos and watching cartoons. I mean really, how many kids have really led an army to battle? Well besides Mormon when he was 16, I think only Peter in Narnia. And yes, The Chronicles of Narnia is fantasy...but it's the time travel that relates it to my science fiction post.

Yesterday, I finished reading an intriguing novel that sucked me in from the moment I picked it up: The Time Traveler's Wife. I didn't understand how Henry was time traveling. Or why. Or anything about his chrono-impermanence, really. But I was compelled to find out.

What I really loved about the story was it's concept of time as a continuous circle - or eternal round like the scriptures suggest it is - rather than being confined to chronological order. Spoiler Alert! Even in death, Henry was still time he was appearing into the future from his past. Huh? How could Henry be "alive" but actually have died years prior? I ate this up. Loved it. Seconds, please! (Tangent Alert! What I HATED was how the author, Audrey Nifenegger, reduced Henry and Clare's relationship to something vulgar and common through her use of crude language. Men don't f* their wives. That's a verb used to describe one night stands where two people share zero commitment or love to each other, their feelings or emotional well-being. By using filthy language to describe Henry and Clare's sexual life, she made the relationship dirty. I hated being distracted by this when the story line was so thought provoking.)

What really pulls me in to these time travelling stories is that I don't understand how time works. Peter, the apostle, wrote: 
But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day (2 Peter 3:8).
It makes sense to me that when the Lord was creating the Earth that it took thousands of years rather than one week. Especially considering the intricacies of physical life and how our bodies, plants and animals work and reproduce themselves.  

The part about time that I don't really understand is how a thousand days for me can seem like a fleeting moment. One thousand days ago, I birthed a precious son. And now that he is gone, I wonder what time and space continuum he knows and understands. Could I go there? Are Near Death Experiences truly a glimpse into another realm, an afterlife? What if we could time travel there....

When I was a child, the seasons were long. It seemed as though summer lasted an entire year. Now, if I blink I miss them (except allergy season - I'm very aware of that). I wonder how it's possible that I am married and even have 5 children. Just yesterday I was dating and in college. I was travelling the world and working. The essence of me hasn't changed one bit. And yet, I am forever altered by those who come in and out of my life. 

This afternoon, Graeden asked me, "how can it be day time for us and night time for Jovana?" (We considered calling her after school but decided 1 am her time would be too late for a friendly chat.) Really, how can it be a different day for different people at the same time? My Evan came to me in a child's body but in reality he is a full grown spirit. Isn't that like time travelling of sorts? And when I get him back he'll be little again...but won't won't his spirit be decades more mature?

I like to ponder time and judging from how many modern stories are written about it, I know I'm not alone. I didn't even mention Heroes...Science fiction has pulled me into her grasp and won't let go. 

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  1. I had the exact same reaction about The Time Traveler's Wife. She used really disgusting words to describe sex, and even, ya know, "lady parts." And when she did that, she was writing as if she were Claire. Women do NOT call their stuff what she called it. Totally not right. But the story was intriguing, so I kept reading, too. :)

  2. I know, right? If I hadn't gotten the book from the library, I would have edited the book myself. (Tymon laughs at me for doing that to his The Green Mile book - whole sentences blacked out...they just weren't necessary.)

  3. I skipped the spoiler part because I am looking forward to seeing the movie when it's on DVD. But your thought on Evan, so true. I'll probably bawl even more when I see the movie as I think of that. I LOVEEEEE LOST! I am so sad for this season to be over...I have nothing else to live for as J.J. has not introduced me to any other projects of his that I can latch on to.

  4. Try Ray Bradbury. I love him, in fact Farenheit 451 is in my top ten of great books.

  5. Did you go see the movie The Time Traveler's Wife? I thought it was intriguing and it didn't have the language, or any that I recall. There may have been a bad word or two. Now I know not to read the book though! :) I think the movie comes out on DVD next week.

  6. Tymon and I watched the movie last night. It's free on channel 131 :o). Anyway, there were some major differences in the movie as compared to the book. The book is better. But as you say, they did remove all of the garbage from the book in the movie.

  7. Bridget~ you are such a smart women! It was interesting to read your take on time. I guess we just are not meant to understand it completely. I have not read the book you mentioned so I will have to give it a try, but I do love ALL of the shows you mentioned! I really liked Star Trec too and was surprised how much I enjoyed it- and it was a very clean movie too. I always wonder about the age of a spirit since I feel like I am the same age and have been for at least the last few years and "old" - elderly - people say they feel young still inside... so what is age really?!
    ok maybe I'm not making any sense! =)


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