March 2, 2010

Life Less Ordinary

This morning, I discovered Jett's artwork in our formal living room. I wasn't as good natured as Sara when she found this today...maybe because her boy drew on the counter and that's easier to clean. Or maybe it's because this is the 3rd incident like this in the past 2 weeks. It took 45 minutes for Jett and I to erase the pencil (on three panels) and then use goo gone to get rid of the smear. What I do TOTALLY love is the high gloss on our wainscoting. Seriously, it's fabulous. If only the regular walls could be cleaned up so nicely.

I have just had my first of many allergy shots. I'm doing LDA therapy. They put a low dose of 300+ allergens with an enzyme catalyst in my arm to reprogram my immune system. The awesome thing about this therapy is that not only will it help my grass and dust allergy, but it will also get rid of my shell fish allergy. Not that I really care about shell fish, but truly, I'd like to not be so vulnerable at a party if I accidentally eat the crab dip and go into anaphylactic shock. If you have a peanut or other extremely risky allergy, you may also consider this allergy treatment. I got one shot that swelled like a mosquito bite and was itchy for an hour or so. Then the other arm got a much larger concentrated dose of grasses and pollens and it swelled up a bit bigger. It itched like crazy for a few hours and now the swelling/redness is way down and much better. It took so much will power not to itch! But I would so much rather have this than extremely itchy dig my eyes out weeks in the pollen season.

Part of this immunotherapy involves adhering to a strict diet for 3 days, the day before, day of and the day after the shot. I have a small list of foods that I can eat. Yesterday I ate sweet potatoes and tapioca. Today, I tried a couple of new recipes. Here are some potato chips we made. Graeden helped and really liked them...except not so much the sweet potato chips. Chips aren't "supposed" to be orange.

I think the best part of this diet is that I will be losing weight. Not purposefully of course. ha ha. It's just that I can only handle a limited amount of my approved food list. Lamb is on the approved list. I made some lamb cabbage rolls this evening for dinner. The boys liked them. Jocelyn gobbled hers down. Tymon thought they were okay. I could NOT stomach them. I've eaten lamb a couple of times in the past and didn't care for it then. I felt like hurling while I was cooking just from the smell (and no I am not pregnant).

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  1. Ouch! That shot looks like it hurts -- or really itches! Good luck with that. And congratulations on the budding artist. It's great to have talented children!

  2. We have semi-gloss paint and it cleans up quite nicely. I'm sorry about the shots. I hope it works out for you.

  3. I hope the shots work out. I have terrible allergies and I"m always hoping to find something that'll help. Those chips look really yummy, care to share the recipe? :D

  4. Recipe is simple. Peel your potatoes (if you want). Then continue to peel them into thin slices or you can cut them super thin. Then put them on a baking sheet with a rack on it. We used our cookie cooling racks. Sprinkle with salt. Bake or broil until they are crispy.

  5. Do you use the Magic Eraser to clean your walls? That stuff is really magical! I'm writing about it tomorrow (well actually i wrote about it yesterday, but it's coming up tomorrow)

    I'm curious to see how your allergies work out! Keep us posted!

  6. Thank you for your comment on little Sage and yes, we are totally devistated! I appreciate you thinking of us!


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