April 28, 2010

The Best Part

I thought the best part of doing laundry was finding my mail box keys that have been missing for a week. But then I found out that the better part was that when I was moving my clothes from the washer to the dryer that I found my car keys that have been missing for 3 days. But to top that off, my remote to open the car doors, which has been a little fickle of late, didn't get ruined by going through the wash but now is squeaky clean and works like a charm.

But I think the BEST part and biggest relief has been that our rental house really did sell. This has been such a huge blessing and tender mercy. I'm excited that our lives will be just a little less complicated. As a record of this latest journey...

Day 1: House listed. 
Day 2: Two offers submitted. 
Day 3: Negotiation and acceptance of one of the offers. 
Day 7: Inspection. 
Day 8: Appraisal. 
Day 21: Tenant moved out and left the house clean.
Day 25: Papers signed.
Day 28 Deal closed. 
Day 29 Loan funded. 

This was painless. Truly. Such a great experience. Especially considering last time we tried to sell it and failed miserably. And even though we aren't making as much as we had hoped for when the housing market was stronger, at least we're not in the hole. We are actually making just enough to cover our tax liability for 2009 (ugh). Don't even get me started on taxes. The burden is heavy, especially for small business owners.

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