April 20, 2010

First Grade Acceptance

Elliott has been enthralled with books at an early age. For his 3rd birthday, we gave him a packet of 4 books. At 10 pm on that birthday night, Tymon went in to turn out the light and Elliott just held up one hand with a finger raised as if to say, just hold on Dad, and he went back to being engrossed in the book. He slept with at least one of those books every night for several months. I still catch him up reading long after his brothers have fallen asleep.

The roller coaster involved in getting Elliott enrolled has had some major up and down swings.
  • Yay! he got into kindergarten for the '09-'10 school year during registration last March.
  • Boo! that the school realized he was too young the week before school started.
  • Yay! he passed the early entrance test.
  • Boo! They said it didn't matter how smart and socially adjusted he is, he was still too young.
  • Yay! I got him into a pre-K/K class at a Montessori school.
  • Boo! the administrator doesn't think 4 year olds should be in kindergarten, either (but at least they'll teach them at whatever level they're at).
  • Yay! for Elliott. Reading up a storm. Loving school. Learning about plants and the solar system. Writing reports on Africa and it's biomes. Learning the word biome. Incredible.
  • Yay! for registration this year.
  • Boo! for the extra hassle proving that Elliott is capable of first grade work and beyond.
  • Yay! for the letter that awaited me in the mailbox this afternoon saying he could enter first grade.
  • Boo! for the "clarification" that my son is too young to be intellectually stimulated.
  • Yay! the school rarely ever tells an early entrance kid they can't continue.
  • Yay! we will save a bucket load on tuition EVERY month next school year that we aren't paying for private school. 
  • Yay! We can pay off some debts faster.
  • Yay! for persistence!
I'm very curious to know how I will be able to use this experience in the future. Besides running for the school board, there must be something else. Some greater principle I haven't yet grasped. Yes, I have some ideas...but Heavenly Father has unexpected ways of shaping us into who he needs us to be. 

4 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biome

    Elliott is charting various plants and animals in regions of Africa.

  2. Wow, he sounds like one smart little guy. I'm very impressed. The public school system certainly has issues, but what government-run system does not? Way to be persistant, Bridget! At least they were able to finally recognize his abilities.

  3. Way to stick to your guns!!! You know him best (and I'm not surprised that you and Tymon would have a brain child!!) and you also know how bored he would be going to kindergarten when he is SO past it. Our Kaitlin taught herself to read before Kindergarten also- I don't think she needed to skip ahead but we did enroll her in a dual language program in the hopes that it would keep her busy. One thing I like about the kids school is that they test in reading and are put in a group of the same level. So you could be in 2nd grade reading at a 4th grade level- the only down side is what the 4th graders teach your 2nd grader! That letter made me laugh by the way. It was alternating between positive and then cautious!


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