April 21, 2010

Please Get Down

Dear Sweet Jocelyn,
Please get down from the counter. You can't be that sneaky when I'm just a few feet away. Did you know I actually put the knives in the cupboard so that they will be out of your sight and reach? It is not okay to dump them out, even though you wanted to help me cook. And while it's cute that you try to help clean up, it's also pretty scary. So when I take the chair away from you, please don't replace it with the stool or push your high chair closer. Dumping out a toy box and turning it upside down to make your own stool isn't funny, either. I know you like to climb and are so clever and creative. BUT, some help on your part (even the tiniest bit) to keep you safe would be appreciated. Otherwise, I'll have to permanently lock you in your high chair. And that would be so sad. :o(
Much love,
Your Mother

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4 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. That's hilarious! I love the mischievious grin she's sporting, too!

  2. Do you want to write a letter to my Monkey, too?!

  3. Wow she is big! I think I saw her a month or so after she was born and that's it. Moving to Zion any time soon? LOL!

  4. Look at that sneaky little face!!!


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