April 25, 2010

Second Shot

On Wednesday, I got my second low dose allergy therapy shot (LDA). My local reaction on my arm was much better than last time, which I was happy about. Another upside is that the restricted diet the day before, day of and day after the shot helps move me from one weight plateau to the next. I am now officially within 3-5 pounds of my high school weight. Yay! The downside is that every food looks good to me even if I don't particularly even like it regularly. How can something be mouth watering just because I shouldn't have it? That clues me in to how much the brain controls eating. At a certain point, I think the brain can overcome the temptation so it doesn't matter anymore.

Remember that list of my allergy foods that I posted here? Well, it turns out that my body carries antibodies in varying degrees to them and I have the possibility for delayed allergic reactions. My reactions aren't terrible. I've been living with them my entire life. But while I kick my terrible grass allergy, I may as well attack the foods at the same time. So for 3 weeks after my shot, I should avoid these foods as my body rewires my immune system. Phew! That's a relief. Avoiding wheat, gluten, eggs, chicken, yeast, tomato, etc. for 3 weeks isn't near as bad as avoiding them altogether.

Aloha Nu Certified Organic Coconut Flour, 32-Ounce Bag

I must give credit to my family as I experiment with alternative flours. Tonight it was coconut flour, which is tastes delicious and smells divine. The problem is that it doesn't act like regular wheat flour and so cannot be used as a one-to-one substitute for flour in recipes. I'm hoping that in the upcoming weeks/months I will actually learn to cook/bake with a variety of flours and that it'll taste good in its own right and not just as a wheat or gluten-free product. And why aren't there any culinary classes that teach this stuff? I'd like to take an alternative flour cooking class...and maybe combine it with chemistry lessons. I probably would've paid attention in high school chemistry if we were using baking products instead of random chemicals. ha ha ha

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