April 8, 2010


Yesterday at the grocery store, I came across a strange root that I'd never seen before. Not that it wasn't there. I just didn't notice it before now.

I found the label and was astonished that read it was horseradish. It never occurred to me that the horseradish sauce in the store actually came from a root. Let alone this one. I bought it. Tymon asked me what it was when I was putting the groceries away. I told him to guess. He couldn't really tell and I encouraged him to bite it. Deeper. "Wasabi?" Nope. Horseradish, but good job.

I prepared it this evening. Basically you just peel it and put it in the blender (warning: it will clear your sinuses and make you cry) and add vinegar until it's spreadable. It can last for a few months in your refrigerator like this. I decided to use it in a salad dressing I found in a recipe book. I changed it a little to match the ingredients I had. And seriously, this is the best salad dressing ever. Tymon thinks the flavor was distinct and delicious and that I could market and sell it. Ha ha. For now, I'll be satisfied eating a lot of salad for the next little while.

Ingredients: 1 tsp. salt mixed with 3 Tbsp. red wine vinegar. Add 1/4 cup + 2 Tbsp. grape oil and 1/4 whipping cream. Add 2 Tbsp. prepared horseradish. Combine well (shake it up in a closed Tupperware container). Enjoy!

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  1. And not to mention it's great with Easter ham... Actually, the horseradish (in our culture at least) symbolizes the nails with which Christ was nailed to the cross. Usually, you leave a fresh root soaked in water overnight (easier to grate, and it really brings out the flavor), and then you manually grate it so it's nice and fresh (and really spicy), and serve it with ham (no salt, vinegar or anything added). And you shouldn't use it sparingly, so you can share Christ's suffering on the cross. ;-)

  2. Awesome Tina. I've never heard the nail analogy...and the suffering. I'm not sure what I was doing on my Easter in Slovenia.

    I do remember one family in Celje had some and there was laughter about how hot it was...that may have been Easter time. I think we only smelled it and knew we didn't want to partake. ha ha. My how things change with time.

  3. Oh, we're full of those... The ham is Christ's flesh, the eggs are drops of blood (a symbol that many don't know of, since they're supposed to be painted red and today's Easter eggs are anything but), and the potica is the crown of thorns. In some regions of Slovenia (especially Posavje) they even put the wormwood/absinthe plant in their wine (cviček mostly, other wines are too good for that) to make it bitter, again, to share in the suffering...

    Yeah, we're a somewhat masochist nation. But we rarely eat horseradish outside the Easter season, at least that... (not to mention fresh horseradish is unavailable outside the Easter season)


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