April 4, 2010

Super Egg Hunt

My cousin Cheri puts on an Easter Egg Hunt each year the Saturday before Easter. It's pretty much the best hunt ever. Little kids find eggs hidden low. Big kids find eggs hidden high. Like as in up in trees and in the middle of sticker bushes and on the tops of sheds and playground structures.

Jocelyn loved it. Truly. She understood how to get eggs and put them in her bag. And she definitely knew that there was candy to be found inside.

The food was so good. I mean really good. And I ate whatever I wanted. Allergies be damned. And lots of candy. And my sugar levels were in normal range. I don't get it. Was my pre-diabetic scare just the insentive I needed to lose a few pounds? I lost 12 or 13. It depends on the day what the final count is.

2 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. We went to a really fun egg hunt two years ago, but that family only does it every few years. Kids had a great time, and looks like yours did too. Happy Easter, and happy Conference! I hope your kids cooperated enough to let you guys hear most of it. That's all we wish for. :o)

  2. Yeah, the kids behaved today. They were actually outside riding bikes and we were in the office watching on our computer. ha ha. And I was organizing my desk. And before you think that I should have been totally absorbed in the talks, just know that when I do that, I usually fall asleep and dream conference dreams. I did get some clothes folded, too. So, I was listening. I heard a good one liner from the morning session that I wanted to post on facebook, but didn't get to it before I forgot it. I'm looking forward for the transcripts to be posted.


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