April 13, 2010

Vancouver Temple

Saturday, I took my kids and met up with my brother and his family for a day trip to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival and to Canada for the Open House of the new temple.

Highlights of the day:
1. Seeing 100 cars illegally parked on the shoulder at the tulip fields.
2. Easily finding a fabulous parking spot on said shoulder.
3. Eating the best sandwiches on the best bread in existance while absorbing the tulips.
4. Touring the new temple in Vancouver (Langley), British Columbia.
5. The boys LOVING the temple.
6. Sun going down and odd lighting for most of our photos.
7. Having dessert (Tim Horton's donuts and hot chocolate) before dinner.

Lowlights of the day:
1. Seeing a cop writing $275 tickets for illegally parking.
2. Having to run across a tulip field to fetch my brother to move the car before we got said tickets.
3. Traffic was a BEAST! It took us one hour to get to the freeway from the tulip fields. (That's 2-3 mile distance.)
4. Dirt in my car.
5. Chasing down a very wiggly Jocelyn in nearly every room of the temple.
6. Chubby Chicken's chicken.
7. Driving home drowsy. (For the full story with scary/humorous part at the end, see my driving blog.)

7 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. My parents live in Mount Vernon. My Mom said she saw a bumper sticker the other day that said, "Tulips cause Cancer"...must have been a local dealing with the traffic.
    The temple is gorgeous!

  2. Sounds like fun! I was really excited to see pictures of the Vancouver temple. Since we live way out here in Utah I didn't think I would get to see it at all!

  3. So fun that you went to the open house! We're excited for the dedication - Ritchie and I have an amazing opportunity to sing in the dedication choir on Sunday afternoon. I can't wait until it's an operating temple...now if we can get one built on the island, that would be perfect!

  4. How beautiful for you all! I love temple visits. It sure does stay with your children for the rest of their lives. I remember my visits to the temple before my endowments better than the temple visits I make now.

    ps, I love tulips.

  5. I LOVE the pictures. Glad you guys had fun this weekend. The Temple is gorgeous. Is it smaller than the one from SLC that we visited last year, or does it just seem to be smaller (from the pictures)?

  6. Yes, this temple is smaller than the one in Draper, Utah. It will be nice for so many Canadians in British Columbia to not have to cross a border to attend.

  7. Note- we never visit the tulip festival on a weekend. My in-laws live in Mount Vernon, so we've been a few times. You are lucky to have gone to the temple open house though. It's beautiful!


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