May 10, 2010


Sweet blotchy-faced Jocelyn
Visited the allergist
She cried
And cried
Milk-free isn't fun
Wheat-free is worse
Soy-free complicates issues
Because what is left?
Not a lot

She loves cow's milk
She hates almond milk
Breaks out bad with soy milk
Coconut milk is nice
Absolutely refuses rice milk
Loves almond milk
But only after rice milk
Goat's milk may be an alternative
But I'm not willing to pay for it
It's $4.79 for a quart
Yes a quart
Or 0.95 liters
In addition to artichokes (not really), our daily nutritional intake revolves around dairy, wheat and soy. Except not tortilla chips. Those are safe. But not so healthy. It's been 5 days and the facial rash/blotchiness is lingering. The results of her blood test (it took 4 of us to hold her down to get a vial of blood) indicated that she has antibodies for several foods. They give us clues into what we should cut from her diet. When her face clears up, I will introduce her to foods on the shiz list one at a time. And watch for a reaction.

Maybe this rash is a good thing. It says we need to keep looking for an allergen. Maybe it's the laundry soap. Or fabric softener. That would be a relief.

We made some wheat-free vegan cookies last night. I'm not sure WHY anyone would chose to live as a vegan. Wow, what a compromise in taste. Even sugar can't fix everything. Tymon had a bite of one. Then I think he then passed it off to the kids. The boys loved them. But I think it's because they haven't had very much sugar lately and lost their ability to accurately judge a good one.

Tymon is paying the boys to go without candy and treats for the rest of the year. Except for holidays. Those are free days. The boys were really excited to make cookies on Mother's Day and these were fantastic to them. We went wheat-free for Jocelyn...but she picked the cherries and chocolate chips out of them and left the rest of the cookie in Tymon's reject pile. It would have been much better with butter, I'm sure. But butter is a dairy product. Dairy is bad. This week. I hope it's okay next week. I miss it. A lot.
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  1. So frustrating. We have similar issues in our house. Dairy is the big one here. I have just gotten used to cooking/eating without it...I kind of don't mind these days. Have you ever considered raw milk? It's kind of expensive too, (not as much as goat's milk, though!) but it seems as though our family does alright with it. Maybe you can ask your dr. about it. Hope you get it figured out soon! We're still working on a rash on the back of Reid's legs. Allergies are the worst!

  2. so sad for you. I think Jacob has issues with milk and need to get him checked, but I am afraid to get the list. I am so sorry!!

  3. Oh you sweet mom! Hang in there!

  4. Did her face clear up? How's she doing?


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