May 16, 2010


Usually about once or twice a week while I make dinner, Tymon leads the rest of the family in tidying up the house, taking out the garbage/recycling and setting the table. I love it when this happens. Truly. Not only because the house looks better, but because we're all working together, side by side, at the same time. I love that feeling and it rarely (if ever) happens when it's only me with the kids.

Our 6 year old next door neighbor, Dylan, invited himself over for dinner tonight. And our boys supported this decision. Rather than telling him to go home, Tymon told him that we were helping to clean up for dinner and that he could stay if he helped. And he decided to help...which actually encouraged Graeden to stop throwing a fit and help, too.

They did a marvelous job and after Elliott said a blessing on the food, Dylan wanted to pray, too. His prayer wasn't about food, though. It was all about Evan. He prayed that God would protect him and take care of him. It was truly a sweet prayer. After putting their plates in the sink, the boys ran outside to play. When Dylan's mom called him to come home, he was disappointed that he hadn't gotten dessert. 

It wasn't ready, yet. And I'm not sure he would have liked it anyway...we had roasted beets and I'm sure he was hoping for cookies. 
I originally got my boys to eat beets by telling them that their poo would turn magenta in color the next day. And that part is true. But now they like them on their own merit (well Jett's still hesitant).

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  1. You crack me up! What a dessert!

  2. What's the recipe for roasted beets? Kristal

  3. I wash them and peel them. Cut off the tops and wrap them with foil. Then I put them in the oven and bake them for an hour at 325 degrees. It's just like a baked potato.

  4. I'm told that if you eat enough beets, your pee changes color too. My husband is full of interesting tidbits of information. :o)

  5. It's true Danae, but you don't have to eat that many. It turns more of an odd orange color (yellow + red).

  6. I love beets! Side note: I found a link I thought you might like.
    Lot of fun ideas. :)


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