May 28, 2010

El Mexiquense

I am currently in Utah at the Casual  Blogger Conference and loving it. Loving the people. Loving the classes. Loving Tymon's laptop. (During presentations I can check out what speakers are saying with what they've posted online while they're talking. I heart technology!)

Tonight for dinner, my pal Kim took me to her favorite Mexican restaurant, El Mexiquense in American Fork. "It's authentic," she warned. I'm okay with that. I love little taco trucks and that's the type of food I had in mind. The menu is posted on the wall and the fare is inexpensive ($27 for 7 of us to eat). They had something called a torta. In wanting to try something authentic, I ordered one. It turns out that their carne asada torta happens to be God's gift to the Salt Lake Valley. Seriously. The carne asada was tasty. The bread toasted to perfection. The avocado divine. My only complaint is that I only tasted cilantro once. And I love cilantro. But I can forgive them for that. The rest made up for it. They had this pink drink that Kim says tastes a little different every time she comes in. It was familiar to me but I don't know why.

Three shouts out to El Mexiquense. If you're in American Fork, Utah you should stop by and give your taste buds a treat. De licious!

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  1. Glad you liked it! Thanks for the dinner- it's fun seeing you again. Next time I am in the 425 or the 206 or the 360, I'll take you out to your favorite restaurant!

  2. That's cool you get to do that! I'm looking forward to finding out what you learned from this Conf. Carne asada sounds so good to me right now...perfect with a bunch of cilantro!

  3. Hey there! How long are you here for? I am just up the road from AF...Lehi. Carne asada is soooooo yummy and I have been craving it, but we are on a penny pinching budget right now.

  4. Hi Maile,

    I'm home now. I left way early yesterday morning. Sorry we didn't get to hook up.

    The dish I had at El Mexiquense was $5.50 and SOOO good. While eating, I noticed it's located across the main street from SHADE in AF. Children can eat for a couple dollars. So, give it a try when you're out and about and your budget allows for it.


  5. FYI: I'm pretty sure that pink drink = rhubarb.


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