May 6, 2010

I Heart Artichokes

I was a girl, maybe about 9 or 10, when I first experienced the pure delight of an artichoke. We were visiting my grandparents in California...where the greatest of the great artichokes are grown. I now recognize that my brain releases some sort of satisfaction hormone when I reach the heart. I work hard to eat my way to it. And for those last moments with me and my artichoke,  I close my eyes and smile until that last bite disappears.

In our house we refer to them as dessert. They are a huge treat. I only buy them when they are less than $1.50 each. And that doesn't happen very often. We had some jumbo ones last week. Tonight we had some medium sized ones. I steam them for 45-60 minutes (depending on their size) and then we dip the leaves in mayonnaise before scraping the flesh off with our teeth. Some people dip them in melted butter. But we're a mayonnaise family.

In college, my pal Erin and I found some little artichokes once that were 5 for a $1. We each got 5 and went and had a party with just us and them. She's a fan of melted butter.

Graeden's first 3-syllable word was artichoke. He used to give me his heart. Not anymore. He knows it's the best part.

Jocelyn will usually chew on a leaf or two, but during dinner her mind was elsewhere. Namely, with the bowl of strawberries on the counter. Wouldn't you know it....her first 3 syllable word is "strawberry".
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7 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. Sorry... it's so melted butter for me. Hmm, I think we'll have some with my mothers day dinner. Thanks!!

  2. Yummy! I heart Artichokes too! Now I really want to go to the store and buy some. Mayonnaise is my preferred condiment of choice as well, but my hubby's a melted butter fan. I wonder what my kid's will choose?

  3. I remember you introducing me to artichokes in college! :) They always make me think of you. :) Mmmmm!

  4. My sister in law gave me a bag of artichokes for Mother's Day. Yay! Thanks Anais. And my brother thought it was a random gift. OBVIOUSLY, he doesn't read my blog! ha ha ha

  5. I have had the taste of a full artichoke once in college and loved every minute of it, but it is definitely the melted butter for me. I never buy them because they are very expensive.

  6. We love artichokes too and Ryan and I had them for our special treat after the kids went to be on Mother's Day. And it's all about the mayo!


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