May 14, 2010

My Man

A couple of months ago, I was online and came across the coolest composter in existence. It can turn a pile of organic waste into dirt in the matter of two weeks. It's electric and so there is plenty of heat and an arm does the rotating every few hours. I couldn't buy it, though. It was too pricey. I needed time to really think about whether or not I needed it. I'm trying to curb my impulse buying. I did put it on my Amazon wish list, though. That way I could find it again if I decided I really did "need" it.

Now, imagine my man who wants to do something fabulous for his wife for Mother's Day. And the same ol' same ol' is, well, old. He checks out my wish list ... and... buys the only thing on it. I am surprised and delighted! Wow. Love it. Love him. 

And now we've got some compost brewing in the laundry room. My flowers are going to love it.

3 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. What's the brand and price? We are sourcing some composters for our website and that sounds like a cool one. Let me know how it works. Kristal


    So far (2 days in), it's working well. The boys each feel the need to check the progress on our scraps at least twice a day. And they love putting more stuff in. I think you're only supposed to add stuff once a day, so I'm collecting the little scraps of apple core and dead flowers in a bucket for us to add all at one time ONCE a day :o).

  3. Now THAT Bridgy-Poo is awesome! Way to go husband! Maybe when your here, you can give Jared an idea or two ;-)


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