May 1, 2010


"Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration."
-Thomas Edison

I'm not discouraged...I'm determined to learn. Learning includes changing behavior. So, WHAT am I learning? To change my behavior with my experiments.

The behavior? Putting an experiment into the bread maker late at night and then waking up to a beautiful aroma. It isn't that great when no one can truly experience the joy of a hot slice of bread. I had one good loaf in between the last one and this one. I used my coconut flour on the good loaf. I found that it gets the crumbly texture from not having enough water in the dough. This loaf has regular flour and buckwheat flour. I wanted to try this one without butter/oil, so I put in flax seed meal. Flax is an oily seed. It can be substituted for fat in pretty much any recipe and good fats are have very beneficial health benefits. What I didn't account for is that it sucks up water like coconut flour and that I should have added more water. Something I would have known had I watched the dough form. But I was asleep with the false expectation that a machine could do my work for me.

I hate to waste so much food in these experiments . . . but I have a feeling I'll need to make 99 lousy/semi-lousy loaves before I find the great one that I'm looking for.

3 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. Are you allergic to pumpkin? It's a pretty good substitute for oil, and as long as you use a good brand doesn't transfer too much pumpkin-y flavor to your bread.

  2. I'm good with pumpkin. You use it from a can? Or fresh/frozen? I didn't know you could substitute it for oil.

    However, I do know that in Slovenia they sell a pumpkin oil that makes a wicked oil and vinegar salad dressing. I love it...and no one sells pumpkin oil here.

  3. I just use the can stuff, but I bet it would be even better if you prepared it yourself.

    So, can you find this pumpkin oil on line? Because it's making a salad sound awfully good right now, depsite the time. And I should really go with those healthy preggo cravings (they don't come quite as often).


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