June 30, 2010

Bitten and Smitten

Dictionary: pil·grim·age (pĭl'grə-mĭj)

1. A journey to a sacred place or shrine.
2. A long journey or search, especially one of exalted purpose or moral significance.

v., -aged, -ag·ing, -ag·es.
1. To go on a pilgrimage.

On Monday, I led a party of 3 teenage girls out on a pilgrimage to Forks to see the home of Edward Cullen and everything else Twilight. I've never been there before and it takes about 3.5 hours to get there from my house. When we came into town and parked, HE was there. "Welcome to Forks," he said with a smile. And my teens giggled at him. Huh? That was Edward. Except better looking than the "real" Edward (Rob Pattinson). But seriously. It was great. We stayed with my older brother's best friend and played games until midnight. Because the entire town shuts down at 8pm. (Unless you're talking about the Twilight Bar. That's open a little later.)

I'll have to admit it, though. The scenery in Forks doesn't hold a candle to La Push. We did a short hike down to Second Beach. Hopped from drift wood to drift wood all the way down the beach. Took some photos. Climbed a rock. This place is seriously like a heaven on earth. Except it was chilly. That was the only downside.

We also visited the Hoh Temperate Rain Forest. I've never seen old growth forest before. Some of these trees were 500+ years old, grow 300 feet tall (95 meters) and are up to 23 feet (7+ meters) in diameter. The forest gets 12-14 feet of rain a year. To put that in perspective, Seattle only gets 3 feet or so. It was nice when we visited. But started to rain as we were heading back on the trail.

Trees had the funnest growing patterns. See nurse logs for your daily geology lesson. Once the tree roots got through the nurse log and into the ground and the nurse log rots away, the resulting formations are fabulous to play in.

We got back home in time to go to the midnight opening of Eclipse. There were 12 screens in the theatre. All showing Eclipse. We waited about half an hour outside (with 850 of our closest friends and neighbors) before being let in to wait an additional 2 hours. But we got great seats. Tymon's sister actually came into our theatre about 45 minutes after we got there. We had 3 seats next to us, but there were 6 of them, so they got the crick in the neck seats in the front.

I bought my first Twilight tee shirt in Forks and am wearing it above: Bitten and Smitten. Sweet.

As a total surprise to us, there were over 20 guys in the audience. Josh, a 20 year old who was there with 2 other guys sat down next to us. They came to the show on their own. No girlfriends dragging them. We questioned him. How old was he? Had he read the books? (Yes, he did. All 4.) Team Edward or Jacob? ("Edward all the way.") He was a self admitted jock-type and thought most people would be surprised that he actually reads. Ha ha. We were. He's also read all of the Harry Potter books. 

At a certain point, Josh turned the questions onto Jovana. How old was she? Where did she graduate? He was confused with her answer. He thought she'd gone abroad as an exchange student instead of her coming here. Jovana clarified. He was amazed. I was quite amused and suggested that Jovana thank him for his unspoken compliment. Jovana's English skills are amazing. So amazing, Josh didn't hear her slight accent until after he understood she was Serbian. Awesome.

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  1. So fun! The shirt is too cute. Ben and I took a trip to the rainforest and stayed in Forks back in 2004, and now I want to go back!

  2. Wow! The scenery in the movie made me want to visit. But your blog makes it sound so inviting! I'm so glad you have your Jovana with you. It's so sweet how you talk about her.

  3. I'm jealous. I want to see Eclipse! I'll probably have to wait till it comes out on DVD. :(

  4. I really want to take that trip sometime soon. Ritchie and I saw Eclipse last night...pretty good. I mostly want to go to Forks, not because I'm obsessed with the books, but because I'm honestly curious, and also because it is so BEAUTIFUL in that area...kind of like it is in Victoria. :)

  5. I'm not sure I should admit this...but many of the homes in Forks and La Push are extremely humble. Some might even describe them as trailer trash ugly. However, what both towns lack in beauty, nature makes up for with the beautiful views.

  6. My aunt Wyonne used to live in Forks when I was a young girl. Her husband was a logger. My only memory of that place is watching them skin a deer in the front yard. That pretty much sums up all of my knowledge of Forks, Washington, although it fits in nicely with your assessment, Bridget!

  7. I took a trip to the coast with my grandparents when I was younger, and well before Twilight mania began! Your post made me want to do back to those beaches again.

  8. Hey Bridget!

    I'm so glad you guys had a good time! Now I just have to get your brother and his family to make a trip out here.

  9. Thank you Clif! It is truly beautiful on the peninsula.


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