June 23, 2010

Mail Call for Evan

This afternoon, a letter came for Evan from the doctor's office. It's been two years since he's had any immunizations and it appears as though he is behind schedule. Ha ha. Apparently, his pediatrician, who knows he died, didn't make a note of that in his chart. And no one noted it when the coroner requested Evan's health history when investigating his death.

It's strange that no appointment reminders came last year. This one certainly took me by surprise.

I don't want to call the clinic to tell them that Evan won't be coming back. So, maybe we'll get another letter next year.

2 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. It's kinda strange to get those kind of things in the mail. I got a bill for Mia last year. The first and the last, I told them if they couldn't bill me until 5 years later, then they could wait another 5 years to get the $20 I owed them. I was slightly ticked off. Oh well. Life.

  2. Ha ha. Sorry to laugh. But seriously? Sending a bill 5 years later? That's messed up. That would tick me off in general principle, even if my child hadn't died.


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