June 28, 2010

On The Outside Looking In: Bahrain and Burkas

I have never been to a Muslim country.
I know very little about Islam.
I did see Not Without My Daughter and it scared me to death.
Enough to never date anyone from the Middle East.
In my dating years, that is.
Not that I knew any young men from there.
Or that they were asking me out.

I really like Fatima's dress: the rainbow of colors.
It doesn't seem common to me.
In my limited exposure to burkas.
Maybe it's not even a burka.
But just a head covering.

Tymon participated in a team building afternoon.
At the beach.
100+ degrees.
Fatima is the only woman on the team.
She didn't want to participate.
And nor would I.
Wearing dark colors
And lots of clothes
in the sun equals sweat.
Lots of it.

Tymon went to a mall one day to see some locals. 
Notice the variety of people in the food court.

And one night during dinner there was a belly dancer.
I don't get it.
Burkas are worn by many women.
Men like their women covered.
Belly dancing isn't a covered up activity.
Maybe we're talking about different groups of people.
Some stricter than others.
But Fatima still covers her head.

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  1. I knew you would say somthin bout that belly dancer... lol, but what was the mold stuff?


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