June 22, 2010

Orcas Island

Somewhere, deep down, there's a part of me that likes dirt. Not so much in my house but while camping. I like staying in my warm and cozy clothes all day long. And crawling in my sleeping bag with them still on. And waking up and already being dressed. Brushing and rebraiding my hair. Waking up and actually getting up fairly soon after. Spending time in nature. Amazed at the beauty that is this earth. Taking care of simple things, which are all of a sudden so important but forgotten at home, like starting a morning fire. Wondering how the monster slug my children found ever got to be so huge. Seriously. He was as fat as 3 of my fingers.

When I have no access to technological interruptions, I find that I really like being outside too, despite the seasonal allergies that have plagued me with full force the past 2 weeks. Seriously, gouging my eyes out would be simpler and end the itch once and for all.

Another part of me really likes fire. And for better or for worse, so does Graeden. He can find a fire poker stick anywhere.

What isn't as great is coming home smelling like 3 days worth of campfire. Add that to my own scent. I didn't remove any of my clothing while we were gone, even my socks. The stink! Oh the stink! And what's worse is that even though the family smells quite a bit better, the car does not. And now I must figure out how to eradicate the camping smell.

It's worth it though even if just for the view from Constitution Mountain.

Or the hike to Cascade Falls. 

We loved the log bridges.

And playing with cousins and making ice cream.

And peddling our own boats.

And riding the ferry.

The part about being dirty was just a side bonus.

6 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. I love it, last year after a wonderful trip outdoors our first stop was always the YMCA to showrer off all the dirt.

  2. I love it, last year after a wonderful trip outdoors our first stop was always the YMCA to showrer off all the dirt.

  3. I loved Orcas Island =]
    For all of you guys who want to go camping and have fun, do lots of exciting and adventurous things call 360/**** *** and ask the Johns Family =]

    This was second time I went camping with them and I enjoyed it =] We did so many cool things... My favorite ones were 1. Building fire, 2. The view from the Mount Costitution and 3. Cascade Falls (I loved the hike) =]

    *Make sure you call at least 3 weeks beforehand because there are some good chances they'll be booked. =]

  4. Everything about this post makes me miss Washington! At least, everything but the slug (I always HATED them). See you soon1


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