June 24, 2010

Sweet Dreams

I was reminded of this dream this past week while talking with a friend (though I was meshing two dreams) and then when I was cleaning my desk this morning, I found a print out of one of them.

You're going to love it. At the time, I was 6 months pregnant with Elliott.

December 14, 2004
I had a dream that I had 19 babies at once. And amazingly enough I was able to carry them for 7 months or so...as near full term as was possible. Well, 5 were born early...in October. But the rest stayed in longer. We had so many babies we just had one person change the diapers all day long. We gave 2 kids to Kristal and 2 to Katie and 2 to Julie, but that still left us with a bunch left over. I thought that we'd go to LDS family services next to try and place some of our infants. My idea was that we'd have an agreement that all of the kids would have to have the same middle name. That way if they happened to meet one of their adopted siblings they would know it because of the middle name and birthday. Anyway, I'm not sure how we got pregnant with so many kids. I don't think we did any fertility drugs...but I'm unsure...my question wasn't answered before I woke up.

The other wild dream I had was in high school. I always told myself that if I was pregnant out of wedlock then I would plan an adoption for my baby. I believe in life. And just because I'm not ready to be a parent that doesn't mean that my baby shouldn't get to have a chance at life. 

I dreamed that I was pregnant. This is the hazy part. I think it was with more than one child, perhaps twins or triplets. My body was young and not able to handle a full pregnancy. I was going to lose one or more of the babies if I didn't do something. There was an amazing new development. One of the babies could be taken from me (placenta in tact) and be transferred to someone else. My mother carried one of my babies for me in her womb.

So bring on the dream analysis! And no, I'm not pregnant. :D

3 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. Wow, the one about 19 babies beat mine. I dreamed that I had 6 babies, and the doctors insisted that they needed to come out early for a bath, then they would put them back. As I was trying to hold all 6 slippery babies in the bathtub, I asked my husband for help. He said no, I needed to learn how to handle all of them on my own. (But I was pregnant with Emma when I had that dream.)

  2. I had a dream last night that you had twins. I didn't remember it until reading this post.

  3. Dreams are very interesting. Most of my dreams are about me trying to race after my husband trying to find him. Sometimes I catch him and sometimes I don't. When I have dreams that I don't catch him, that is when we are arguing or not happy. When I do find him, that is when life is good. Then I have dreams where I have to choose between him and my ex-husband.

    I have never had dreams of being pregnant.

    So if we compare the two, it would be interesting to think that maybe our sub-conscious is trying to sort out the confusions of our sub-conscious minds in hypothetical analogies.

    Do you feel you should be responsible for so many children? Why? Is it your calling to be a great mother of Israel? I think so.


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