July 4, 2010

Pull Out The Big Guns

The glue gun wasn't enough for Jovana.
She needed to hold a bigger one.
Well, this afternoon we all did.
But why do we love guns so much?

I think it may be the feeling of power.
Like no one can mess with you.
We're giddy passing the gun around.
And getting photos.
Like we're the coolest beings in existance.
Guns, big and small
Create an interesting dichotomy.
A force for destruction.
And peace keeping.
All wrapped into one.

The USS Abraham Lincoln is in port.
It's huge ginormous.
It can hold 60 aircraft.
They can distill 400,000 gallons (1.5 Million liters) of water,
Give 250 sailors a haircut,
Make 20,000 meals,
And eat 900 pounds (400+ kilos) of fruit per day.
Now that's a lot of bananas.

Unfortunately, kids under 6 couldn't go on the tour.
So we're a partial group here.
One sailor offered to take our photo.
I asked if we could get one of his buddies in the photo with us.
He called one over.
Nice touch.

One of the most impressive capabilities of the boat is the elevator.
This photo shows about how many people can fit on it.
The elevator has started to move here.
The people are a foot or so below the flight deck.
Planes are stored underneath and can be brought up in 5 seconds.
Seriously amazing.

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4 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. Your blog looks nice! I like the new look! You look great!

  2. Wow. What a cool tour! How rad!

    Glue guns. Guns. What are you doing to this girl?

  3. That looks like a great tour! I personally wield glue guns on a regular basis, but am not against something more ....powerful. :o)


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