July 20, 2010

Purple Potatoes

My fond memories of purple potatoes started the afternoon that Tymon proposed to me. We were at a great restaurant overlooking a tremendous waterfall. We had a cozy private dining room for the two of us and a giant picture window to look out. I don't remember a lot about what we ate except that it was really good. But what does stick out in my mind was a purple mashed potato dish that was to die for.

So when I came across some purple seed potatoes in the garden store this past spring, I had to have them. Until that moment I didn't realize that the potatoes I had year ago were actually purple. I thought the restaurant had added something to them.

The only issue I encountered with them was in the planting phase. I didn't know that I was supposed to cut them up. That each eye gave a new plant. So, I only got 5 plants. And enough harvest for one meal. But I did save a few to put in my cupboard. To grow eyes. To plant next month.

Have any of you planted/harvested potatoes? Talk about a great time. It's so fun digging in the dirt and finding the treasure. Jett helped me. He jumped up and down every time I found one and excitedly put it in our collection bowl.

Dear PURPLE POTATOES, I like you ... a lot.
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2 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. Ok, that was/is very interesting!

  2. I was first introduced to purple potatoes from a friend of Ryan's. I made stew with them and they looked strange, but tasted fine. We planted fingerling potatoes a couple of years back and had a good crop, and we are trying regular potatoes this year. I had some that sprouted, so we figured what the heck?


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