August 30, 2010

Fair Fun

It turns out that the boys love carnival rides.
They must take after their mother.
Or father.
Or pretty much anyone ...
except those who hurl after getting off.

We don't know what this booth was about.
But the photo op was great.

Nothing beats a tractor ride.
And let's keep this between you and me.
I think I'm warming up to the idea of a pet.
Not super warmed up.
Just a little.
Like luke-warm.
Just look at the love.
It's precious.

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2 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. When I left your house the other day I was wondering if you guys ever go to the fair right by your house...and I guess the answer is yes. :) It looks like you guys had fun! I hope you got an elephant ear. Those are the best!

  2. I am beginning to warm up to the same idea as well. Both times we have seen Nezhone the kids go crazy over her dog. Not this summer for sure and it won't be a big dog cause I don't want to pick up the big poop and buy all the food. At least a little one will eat less and not cost as much.


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