August 5, 2010

Little Miss

Little Miss is growing up.
On Sunday, one of the church kids
living out of state for college came home.
She demanded to know of her mother
whose crying kid I took out of the service.
She had forgotten that the Johns' had a girl.
Ha ha.
And Jocelyn isn't a little baby anymore, either.
She is 100% kid.
Doing kid things.

Yesterday, we went to a friend's house
for a swimming play date.
Little Miss immediately walks straight into the pool
not realizing that she doesn't know how to swim.
I pulled her out and after another 90 minutes or so
she ventured in again.
This time wading.
And naked.
She decided she didn't need her suit on.
Or her diaper.
There were 9 kids under 8.
Certainly at least one of them had already peed in the pool.
Except not Elliott.
He peed in the bushes next to the pool.
And that was nothing, really.
Compared to Jocelyn.
She got out of the pool and came over to me,
squatted down and pooped.
On the patio.
At our friends house.
Who does that?!
Luckily it was solid.
And clean up only involved a wet wipe.
Next time we'll play at our house.
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8 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. Haha...that's funny. I love her pigtails!

  2. I love how you call her little miss. How great to have a "little miss" around the house not girling it up around all those boys:)

  3. Haha. She is definitely not "girling it up".

  4. Haha! Thanks for the laugh! Luckily none of my kids have pooped on anyone else's floor. Now the pee issue is another subject. That's pretty embarrassing too.

  5. That's hilarious! I love your stories of funny things your kids do.

  6. That's pretty gross : ) But she sure is cute!

  7. The cutest baby girl ever. =]


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