August 1, 2010

Our Humor

We have a joke around our house that all Tymon has to do is look at me and I get pregnant. Because who else has five kids in under five years? Don't answer that. I know there are a few other crazies out there. But seriously, we want another girl and have "tried" (meaning haven't prevented) getting pregnant for just over a year. So, where I once knew how babies are made, now I'm mystified.

Or maybe it's just that the Lord has a different timeline. That's pretty much always the case with me. I like to think that I have control of my life ... and I like to act like I do. But I don't.

I did meet a lady this afternoon though who adopted a son from Ethiopia a couple of years ago. She worked with a local agency with an excellent reputation. And pretty much the entire cost would be covered by the adoption tax credit. So now I'm thinking about it. Again.

I'm pretty sure that if I look at some waiting child profile pics that one may just jump out at me. It was like that looking at exchange student photos/profiles. What do you bet that at some point we adopt and two weeks later I get pregnant? Ha ha. Maybe that only happens to a person once in a lifetime.

7 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. adoption is an amazing thing. either way, i know you will be blessed. it sure is hard "waiting" though. we got pregnant right away with the boys too and now have been trying for 8 months. some days are harder than others. i don't know what i am suppose to learn from this lesson...maybe that's why i'm not pregnant yet. hmmmm

  2. We've never "waited" for any of our children. Even with Jett. We met his birth mother at the end of June, he was born in August and the adoption final before Christmas.

    I'm sure there is a lesson in patience for me. And really, who am I to decide when and how the Lord will bless our family? I just get to choose to accept it.

  3. Good luck with your decisions and your "trying". :)

  4. Trying to get pregnant is hard when it doesn't go as planned. So sorry to all of you waiting...

    Love you!

  5. Those lessons in patience are tough. Hang in there! I can't really sympathize with the waiting- if Ryan looked at me just right, ta da! And then we got a two-for-one deal, and decided we were done. The idea of 4 teenaged girls at all once was enough. :o)

  6. I find that after I don't care if I get pregnant anymore, then that's when it happens. I've been pregnant 4 times and I have 2 beautiful children... you have a full crew of beautiful children too, so I can't wait to see if you're blessed with another one to add to your list. Good luck and God Bless. :)

  7. Come to Kamnik, I'll even let you borrow our bed. Beautiful girls get made in that bed, without any hard work... Have you seen the recent photos of Vesna on my FB?

    About that "once in a lifetime" thing? Hello, Bridget, it's you! But of course it will happen twice!


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