September 7, 2010


We like camping.
A lot.
So much so that this year
instead of once
we went twice.
And that makes us camp-o-holics.

Earlier this summer when Jovana and I took our Twilight pilgrimage with another couple of friends, I thought Forks and La Push would be a good girls trip. What I didn't know was how amazing it would be for my kids. Had I known, they would have been on the invitee list the first time around. 
So, I was extra motivated to pull together another camping trip this summer with Tymon's cousin and family. Sometimes, it's just so much easier to go back to a place right away rather than wait a year or two. So we headed out on this holiday weekend to camp on the Quileute reservation in La Push. I checked the forecast every 2 hours. Because conditions can change that fast. Or not. The only "nice" day was supposed to be Friday. Did I mention we were camping until Monday? A few raindrops fell as we were pulling into the parking lot. I could only bring myself to pay for one night. That's how much of a fair-weathered friend I am. Ha ha. And then our cousins (who arrived a couple of hours later) paid for all three nights. So the next afternoon Tymon and I marched back to the check in counter and paid for the remaining nights. 

This shot was taken on the way to La Push. We stopped at the marina where Tymon and his family lived for a couple of years when he was a boy. 

Something that really surprised me and I never noticed the first time I went to La Push was all of the surfers. They donned fairly thick wet suits and rode some nice waves. Brrrrrr. Cold! Elliott found a piece of driftwood to use for his surfboard. Ha ha.

This was Danica's first camping trip. Besides the cold, I think she really liked it. Jett really likes camping with Danica. Or snuggling with her. Each night he asked if he could go to sleep with her. And never had any complaints when it was time to go to bed. Which is a miracle of sorts.

Inspired to "see more" by a photographer last week, I took some motion shots of the campfire. I'm liking the lines. And colors. You may see more of these in my future. Or not. But whatever. It was cool this week.

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  1. Those are cool pictures. We did that with our camera and the Christmas tree lights last year. Glad you had fun camping!


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