September 22, 2010

Delayed But Not Forgotten

Our first day of school was just 2 weeks ago. Graeden is in second grade and Elliott is in first.

They love school and their teachers.

We live in a nearly all-boys neighborhood. You will see out of ten kids at the bus stop only one is a girl. There are a few four if we include Jocelyn and Danica. But I believe there are about 8 more boys who don't ride this bus, too.

We waited for Danica's bus to come home. It was 30 minutes late. I wasn't able to get her photo right as she got off due to the little pink dot (Jocelyn) running away in the lower shot. I did get the bus, though and an olive and black dot (Danica).

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  1. OH and you know that I LOVE that you have a Jocelyn!!! - jocelyn


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