September 12, 2010

Tooth Fairy Wings

Graeden wiggled his first tooth loose yesterday and out today. He's pretty pleased about it. Like really pleased. Luckily, he let us know about how the Tooth Fairy operates.

The Old Way: The child leaves his tooth under his pillow. Sometime during the night, the Tooth Fairy comes, takes the tooth and leaves a quarter in its place.

The New Way: The Tooth Fairy leaves a dollar (which is just what happened a year ago when Graeden had a tooth pulled by the dentist...and Tymon thought that was awfully generous for a rotten tooth).

The New and Improved New Way: The child leaves his tooth in a container of water. The Tooth Fairy comes and takes the tooth, leaving money next to the container. The child KNOWS what color the wings of the fairy are by the color of the water. Apparently, when the wing touches the water it turns the water that color.

I wonder if the fairy that comes tonight will be the same color red as the fruit punch in the fridge.

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