November 7, 2010

Best Wishes Danica

I took Danica with me to Austin, Texas for the anual Driving School Association of the Americas conference this past week. It was a great trip and I learned many things about how to improve our business and industry. It's awesome to hear about what other states and countries are doing to improve traffic safety. Danica was able to explore the city with the daughter of my instructor trainer who also attended the conference with me. The girls had a great time and even checked out the local university. I don't think either one wants to go to school there, though.

Sadly, having Danica in our home was not a good fit and after 10 weeks of hosting it was time to make other arrangements. This afternoon, I took her to live with a new family. Interestingly enough, when I met the family the new host mom and I realized that we knew each other. We were both involved in city politics and served on the same community advisory committee in 2006. I sincerely hope that Danica will form a strong bond with her new family.

4 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. You know, I was wondering how it was going when I didn't see a lot of posts about her. Sad it didn't work out. Will you do it again?

  2. I think at some point we will. It's difficult to open up your home and then not feel comfortable. Maybe we'll host a boy next time...

  3. I'm your newest follower. I love your blog. :)

  4. Hey Bridget!
    You look great! Great Halloween pictures!


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