November 9, 2010

The Thumb

Welcome to my first guest blogger and firstborn
Graeden Johns

Graeden and his brothers frequently ask Tymon to tell them stories. The stories are always true and the boys are fascinated with them. As Graeden and Tymon were talking tonight Tymon told him that one good thing about this happening was that Graeden now has a story of his own to tell. He liked that. And wanted to write it down.

Graeden: When I was stapling a paper, my friend Jadyn came and offered to help. Then she accidentally stapled my thumb. And then I went to the clinic. And they were not allowed to pull it out. And it hurt a lot. I was crying a little bit. And then mom came. And mom took pliers and pulled it out. It was bleeding a bit. And then I hugged her. For a long time. 

Bridget here: check out the dot on the thumb nail in this photo. That's the puncture site. I tried to pull the staple out with my fingers. It wouldn't budge. I couldn't believe it. It was seriously wedged in there. The school isn't allowed to remove anything puncture-wise from injured students, but they had the pliers cleaned up and ready for me to do it when I arrived. It wasn't bleeding until I pulled the staple out. Then this bubble of blood oozed up. Fascinating. And I'm glad I didn't have to take him to the walk-in clinic. Graeden wanted to stay at school and was quickly surrounded by his classmates when he entered the lunch room.

4 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. too funny! Gotta love those experiences.

  2. There is a lot the school nurses aren't allowed to do, isn't there?

  3. Good story Graeden! Can't wait for you to tell me again when I get home =)

  4. Ouch! I can't believe how brave he was. I think I would be crying like a baby!


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