December 28, 2010

Not Exactly What I Meant

We've had a long night. I woke up to Jocelyn making a liquid burping sound and then throwing up on me. I'm not upset about it. Jocelyn and I got in the shower while Tymon started a load of wash. And I thought of my little boy who won't be sick again and how much I'd love to be having an experience like this with him. Tymon was thinking about how things were in the 1800s before electricity, indoor plumbing (can you imagine needing to start a fire to heat the water for the clean up?), washing machines, and large homes with extra sleeping spaces. This situation would've woken up the entire household. Well, we're pretty lucky to be living in this time and with all of our amenities.

I won't lie. Half an hour later I wasn't as thankful when she hurled again. Nor an hour later. Or an hour after that. Now she sleeps and when she wakes I'll give her some pedialyte.

Last Tuesday, Elliott threw up. In response to the clean up effort, my stomach lurched and I hurled, too. I got a nice dose of sympathy from my Facebook friends.

A bit later that afternoon, Graeden stood in our family room and threw up on the carpet . It was totally disgusting and we had a little chat about running to the toilet. At least Elliott had done it on the hardwood floor. At the toilet, the clean up is easy. All you have to do is flush. 

This morning, Graeden woke me up on the couch telling me that he'd thrown up last night and it needed cleaning up. Ugh. Jocelyn still isn't awake and her barf was all I could handle. So I snuggled him and asked some pertinent questions. Is it on the carpet? No. Fabulous. Go clean it up. I can't. Why not? It's on the picture. Huh? It's in the bathroom? No. Where is it? "I could feel myself throwing up when I was upstairs on the bean bag, so I got to the railing and did it on the floor." I can't bring myself to clean it up yet. I knew a photo would be fabulous. Here you see a pile on top of the picture, a pile on the wainscoting railing, and a nice splatter on the floor. Yes, Graeden, this is better than cleaning up the carpet. But it's not exactly what I meant. Here's to another great Tuesday. 

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  1. Oh Bridget, I'm so sorry! Isn't parenthood the best?! Just picture yourself in the Tower of Terror again. I find that helps.

  2. Oh my goodness! LOVELY! You can't ever say that your house was never lived in!!!


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