December 7, 2010

Serious FOD

Have you ever been to a Boeing plant and seen where they make their jets? I live near one and took a tour a few years ago. I was a bit surprised with a couple things after going inside the massive building in Everett (the largest building in the world by volume). First was it's size. It is huge. Like really and truly. But it didn't seem so big driving by on the freeway. The second surprise was seeing FOD signs all over the place. I'd never heard of FOD, which our guide explained means: foreign object debris. Some FOD happens when making a plane and some comes after the plane is in use. Boeing goes to great lengths to minimize or eliminate FOD and FOD damage while making planes. Wikipedia states that FOD damage costs the worldwide aviation industry $13 billion every year (that's billion with a B). So, it's very serious.


Another serious issue is the special sauce on McDonald's Big Mac. No matter where you go in the world you can get the same sauce on your Big Mac. It's a wonderful thing. No other burger compesl me to eat it like this one. And it meets my expectations with every bite.

Except not last night. While eating my Big Mac I happened upon FOD. Disgusting! In my burger! It gagged me. Literally. I spit out my entire bite and couldn't eat the rest of my burger lest I hurl. I looked at the offender and found it to be about the size of a plastic toothpick but no pointy end. Nope, that was pinched off and the end was a red/brown color. Like as in this was meat packing plant FOD. Seriously find the barf bag because I'm going to need it. Even writing about it has started the gag reflex again.

There's no way I can throw up the half burger I already ate. That's no longer in my stomach. But my mind has such control over me that I still want to gag every time I think about it. The crazy thing is that my mind is drawn to thinking about an annoying song that won't leave my head.  I gagged when telling Tymon about it when I got home.  Why is it that my mind can be so disgusted as to produce a physical reaction to a thought?  What an amazing brain we have. I gotta go make dinner now. Not that I want to eat. I'm feeling sick just from this post.

7 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. Sorry about the fod in your food. I'm having sympathy gags for you.

  2. I once found a dead fly baked in Kentucky Fried chicken in Snohomish. Can't ever get over that thought. Good luck!

  3. You're such a good writer! Creative and humorous all in one package! Awesome! I wish my students wrote so well.

  4. I'd like to thank you for your support. Especially my husband, who went out for lunch and got himself a Big Mac in my honor.

  5. In the Air Force, 40 years ago, FOD normally meant small parts or any debris that could be sucked into an engine. It stood for Foreign Object Damage (not Debris) and there were a number of signs as well. I was involved mainly with two Boeing planes - B-52 and KC-135 (military air refueling version of the 707).

    Driving down the runway with a crew of launch specialists in front of and behind these giant airplanes was loud and smelly from the jP4 aviation fuel. If any problems were found by the pilot during the trip to the end of the runway for takeoff, the specialists would jump out of the truck and make their repairs, if possible so we wouldn't have to abort the mission which was normally a training mission. Part of the training is to make sure the planes take off.

    When the nukes are on their way, we can't afford to have any of our weapons systems to be destroyed on the ground.

    Bridget, your sister Kristal, age 4or 5, came to your mother's side of the bed in the middle of the night and said, "Mommy, I'm sick." The word "sick" was punctuated with vomit in Pat's face.

    Your Big Mac story is FOD for thought. Perhaps you should provide Vomit Bags to be stationed around the house, car, purse, etc. The gallon size zip-locks might be adequate.

    Asking for comments on all this, might be considered "barfing up the wrong tree."

  6. Dad- FOD for thought?? I'm dying laughing right now;-)


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