June 30, 2010

Bitten and Smitten

Dictionary: pil·grim·age (pĭl'grə-mĭj)

1. A journey to a sacred place or shrine.
2. A long journey or search, especially one of exalted purpose or moral significance.

v., -aged, -ag·ing, -ag·es.
1. To go on a pilgrimage.

On Monday, I led a party of 3 teenage girls out on a pilgrimage to Forks to see the home of Edward Cullen and everything else Twilight. I've never been there before and it takes about 3.5 hours to get there from my house. When we came into town and parked, HE was there. "Welcome to Forks," he said with a smile. And my teens giggled at him. Huh? That was Edward. Except better looking than the "real" Edward (Rob Pattinson). But seriously. It was great. We stayed with my older brother's best friend and played games until midnight. Because the entire town shuts down at 8pm. (Unless you're talking about the Twilight Bar. That's open a little later.)

I'll have to admit it, though. The scenery in Forks doesn't hold a candle to La Push. We did a short hike down to Second Beach. Hopped from drift wood to drift wood all the way down the beach. Took some photos. Climbed a rock. This place is seriously like a heaven on earth. Except it was chilly. That was the only downside.

We also visited the Hoh Temperate Rain Forest. I've never seen old growth forest before. Some of these trees were 500+ years old, grow 300 feet tall (95 meters) and are up to 23 feet (7+ meters) in diameter. The forest gets 12-14 feet of rain a year. To put that in perspective, Seattle only gets 3 feet or so. It was nice when we visited. But started to rain as we were heading back on the trail.

Trees had the funnest growing patterns. See nurse logs for your daily geology lesson. Once the tree roots got through the nurse log and into the ground and the nurse log rots away, the resulting formations are fabulous to play in.

We got back home in time to go to the midnight opening of Eclipse. There were 12 screens in the theatre. All showing Eclipse. We waited about half an hour outside (with 850 of our closest friends and neighbors) before being let in to wait an additional 2 hours. But we got great seats. Tymon's sister actually came into our theatre about 45 minutes after we got there. We had 3 seats next to us, but there were 6 of them, so they got the crick in the neck seats in the front.

I bought my first Twilight tee shirt in Forks and am wearing it above: Bitten and Smitten. Sweet.

As a total surprise to us, there were over 20 guys in the audience. Josh, a 20 year old who was there with 2 other guys sat down next to us. They came to the show on their own. No girlfriends dragging them. We questioned him. How old was he? Had he read the books? (Yes, he did. All 4.) Team Edward or Jacob? ("Edward all the way.") He was a self admitted jock-type and thought most people would be surprised that he actually reads. Ha ha. We were. He's also read all of the Harry Potter books. 

At a certain point, Josh turned the questions onto Jovana. How old was she? Where did she graduate? He was confused with her answer. He thought she'd gone abroad as an exchange student instead of her coming here. Jovana clarified. He was amazed. I was quite amused and suggested that Jovana thank him for his unspoken compliment. Jovana's English skills are amazing. So amazing, Josh didn't hear her slight accent until after he understood she was Serbian. Awesome.

June 28, 2010

On The Outside Looking In: Bahrain and Burkas

I have never been to a Muslim country.
I know very little about Islam.
I did see Not Without My Daughter and it scared me to death.
Enough to never date anyone from the Middle East.
In my dating years, that is.
Not that I knew any young men from there.
Or that they were asking me out.

I really like Fatima's dress: the rainbow of colors.
It doesn't seem common to me.
In my limited exposure to burkas.
Maybe it's not even a burka.
But just a head covering.

Tymon participated in a team building afternoon.
At the beach.
100+ degrees.
Fatima is the only woman on the team.
She didn't want to participate.
And nor would I.
Wearing dark colors
And lots of clothes
in the sun equals sweat.
Lots of it.

Tymon went to a mall one day to see some locals. 
Notice the variety of people in the food court.

And one night during dinner there was a belly dancer.
I don't get it.
Burkas are worn by many women.
Men like their women covered.
Belly dancing isn't a covered up activity.
Maybe we're talking about different groups of people.
Some stricter than others.
But Fatima still covers her head.

June 24, 2010

Sweet Dreams

I was reminded of this dream this past week while talking with a friend (though I was meshing two dreams) and then when I was cleaning my desk this morning, I found a print out of one of them.

You're going to love it. At the time, I was 6 months pregnant with Elliott.

December 14, 2004
I had a dream that I had 19 babies at once. And amazingly enough I was able to carry them for 7 months or so...as near full term as was possible. Well, 5 were born early...in October. But the rest stayed in longer. We had so many babies we just had one person change the diapers all day long. We gave 2 kids to Kristal and 2 to Katie and 2 to Julie, but that still left us with a bunch left over. I thought that we'd go to LDS family services next to try and place some of our infants. My idea was that we'd have an agreement that all of the kids would have to have the same middle name. That way if they happened to meet one of their adopted siblings they would know it because of the middle name and birthday. Anyway, I'm not sure how we got pregnant with so many kids. I don't think we did any fertility drugs...but I'm unsure...my question wasn't answered before I woke up.

The other wild dream I had was in high school. I always told myself that if I was pregnant out of wedlock then I would plan an adoption for my baby. I believe in life. And just because I'm not ready to be a parent that doesn't mean that my baby shouldn't get to have a chance at life. 

I dreamed that I was pregnant. This is the hazy part. I think it was with more than one child, perhaps twins or triplets. My body was young and not able to handle a full pregnancy. I was going to lose one or more of the babies if I didn't do something. There was an amazing new development. One of the babies could be taken from me (placenta in tact) and be transferred to someone else. My mother carried one of my babies for me in her womb.

So bring on the dream analysis! And no, I'm not pregnant. :D

June 23, 2010

Mail Call for Evan

This afternoon, a letter came for Evan from the doctor's office. It's been two years since he's had any immunizations and it appears as though he is behind schedule. Ha ha. Apparently, his pediatrician, who knows he died, didn't make a note of that in his chart. And no one noted it when the coroner requested Evan's health history when investigating his death.

It's strange that no appointment reminders came last year. This one certainly took me by surprise.

I don't want to call the clinic to tell them that Evan won't be coming back. So, maybe we'll get another letter next year.


Funny story (but not mine to tell)...My younger brother and his wife welcomed their first child into the family on Monday morning. As soon as my brother posts the story, I will rehash it and possibly embellish it with my spin.

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June 22, 2010

Orcas Island

Somewhere, deep down, there's a part of me that likes dirt. Not so much in my house but while camping. I like staying in my warm and cozy clothes all day long. And crawling in my sleeping bag with them still on. And waking up and already being dressed. Brushing and rebraiding my hair. Waking up and actually getting up fairly soon after. Spending time in nature. Amazed at the beauty that is this earth. Taking care of simple things, which are all of a sudden so important but forgotten at home, like starting a morning fire. Wondering how the monster slug my children found ever got to be so huge. Seriously. He was as fat as 3 of my fingers.

When I have no access to technological interruptions, I find that I really like being outside too, despite the seasonal allergies that have plagued me with full force the past 2 weeks. Seriously, gouging my eyes out would be simpler and end the itch once and for all.

Another part of me really likes fire. And for better or for worse, so does Graeden. He can find a fire poker stick anywhere.

What isn't as great is coming home smelling like 3 days worth of campfire. Add that to my own scent. I didn't remove any of my clothing while we were gone, even my socks. The stink! Oh the stink! And what's worse is that even though the family smells quite a bit better, the car does not. And now I must figure out how to eradicate the camping smell.

It's worth it though even if just for the view from Constitution Mountain.

Or the hike to Cascade Falls. 

We loved the log bridges.

And playing with cousins and making ice cream.

And peddling our own boats.

And riding the ferry.

The part about being dirty was just a side bonus.

June 16, 2010

Exciting Tales

Tomorrow, my Tymon is going on a big trip to the other side of the world, to the Kingdom of Bahrain. He says it's for business, but I think it's really so he can catch an authentic ride

to visit the Barbar Temples,

Sar honeycomb burial chambers,

Dilmun Burial Mounds

Or maybe he'll catch a service in the Grand Mosque...

He's taking my camera, so we're sure to get a few photos of some of the sights. And I'll be home praying that no suicide bombers come anywhere near where he is.

June 12, 2010


We've set a new record for guests in our home. Sixty four friends and family members celebrated Jovana and Evan tonight. It was crazy and great. Our cul-de-sac was full of kids on bikes and running around. The trampoline was well jumped on, back to back badminton games and every table filled with great conversation and laughing. I love the space we have, only made better by our new picnic table and patio table. And I'm very grateful for all those who helped put the salads together and especially the kebabs. That relieved a lot of stress And they were delicious.  

Jovana got to see so many friends. Reunions are awesome.
We sang happy birthday to Evan. And sent him balloons.
I miss him. A lot.

I wonder if he gets to look in on his birthday party. And if he's sad he's gone on before us. Or if it's hard for him, too.

June 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Evan!

The boys are still working on trying to dig Evan up.

We're so happy that Jovana has arrived safely and we are so excited that she is here.

Me and my 3 year old boys. One angel. One demon angel-in-training.
 Sniff, sniff. Sigh.

June 3, 2010

The PARTY of the Year

It's official. In less than a week Jovana will be at our house. It also just so happens to be that our Evan is turning 3. And for this reunion and one year closer to another one, there is cause to be happy. So, if you'd like to celebrate Jovana and Evan and you know where we live, you are invited to a barbeque at 6pm on Saturday the 12th.

What to bring:
Three balloons or a potted flower for Evan's garden.
A huge hug and maybe a kiss for Jovana.
A side dish for the feast.

Please comment or message me if you can make it and let me know how many people will be coming. If you just show up, you may get a hot dog instead of a kebab.

Or cheeseburger.

June 1, 2010

1 in 10

Last Friday night I got to see Cameron Rafati live. He gave us a sneak peek of his new video. Because he was performing for a bunch of women, he was a little nervous. Or giddy. Or something like that. It was funny to watch him do a little question and answer session. His band thought he should stop talking. Ha ha ha. He's 27 and single and one woman has promised to set him up with a great girl. It probably won't work out, though. That's just the way these things work out. So, if you're interested, you've probably still got a chance.

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