August 30, 2010

Fair Fun

It turns out that the boys love carnival rides.
They must take after their mother.
Or father.
Or pretty much anyone ...
except those who hurl after getting off.

We don't know what this booth was about.
But the photo op was great.

Nothing beats a tractor ride.
And let's keep this between you and me.
I think I'm warming up to the idea of a pet.
Not super warmed up.
Just a little.
Like luke-warm.
Just look at the love.
It's precious.

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The Journey Begins

Welcome Danica! (Pronounced Don-eat-sa.)

Knowing that it would take some time for Danica to get through customs, I planned to get to the airport about a half hour after her flight arrived. I didn't bother bringing flight info. All of the international flights come to the same baggage claim. Once there, I started getting worried when I didn't see her airline listed above the luggage. Not that I knew which airline she was flying. Just that it wasn't the one listed. Imagine my surprise when her direct flight from Frankfurt wasn't on the arrivals reader board. Not a good sign.

My life line call to Tymon went something like this:
"Uh, Tymon, will you look up Danica's flight information for me? Yeah, just tell me the airline. Hmm. That's not even listed. Will you look up and see when her flight landed? 7:12pm? Are you serious? It's after 9pm right now."

I'm not sure why this wasn't in the itinerary, but Danica's flight landed in Washington D.C. first and she went through customs there. Then flew to Seattle and landed over an hour BEFORE the scheduled arrival.

She saw me immediately when I finally found her baggage claim area and probably let out a big sigh of relief. She's a bright and friendly girl. And a ham. She posed for me in this shot. It's a good one. Ha ha. All is well.

I got pulled over on the way home. I had no idea why. Traffic leaving the airport was fairly heavy and I was only going 40mph on the freeway. Turns out my lights weren't on. Doh! Well, my daytime running headlights were on. There just weren't any lights on in the rear of my vehicle. I'd like to say this is the first time it's happened. But it's not. It was the first time I was pulled over for it, though. And hopefully the last. I turned them on and the officer let me go. Yay!

August 26, 2010


Do I have any friends in or near Austin, Texas? And by friends, I mean you.

August 22, 2010

Diaper Pals

Once upon a time there were three sets of sisters, we'll call them twisted sisters, who all grew up together from the time that they were babes in diapers. It was a happy time full of play dates, slumber parties, dances and dating.

Then one day they realized they were all grown up. They went to college, traveled the world, got married and moved away. The girls were sad they didn't see each other very much anymore. And they decided they should have big girl slumber parties just like when they were little. The first few were sporadic. And a baby or two tagged along. Not everyone could always come. It was nothing like the old days. So a plan was crafted to make the slumber parties a little bit bigger. And quite frankly, a lot better.

Every 5 years, these Twisted Sisters vowed to get together. No matter where they lived, they would plan to meet up at a mutually agreed upon place. In 2000, they slumbered in Las Vegas and in 2005, they sailed to far off islands in the Carribean. Now, the summer of 2010 brought them together in Disneyland and California Adventure.

I love my pals. It was a fabulous week and refreshed me for the next five years. Life will be so different then. For all of us. Yet still the same. It'll be as if we were never apart. And we'll pick up where we left off.

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August 5, 2010

Little Miss

Little Miss is growing up.
On Sunday, one of the church kids
living out of state for college came home.
She demanded to know of her mother
whose crying kid I took out of the service.
She had forgotten that the Johns' had a girl.
Ha ha.
And Jocelyn isn't a little baby anymore, either.
She is 100% kid.
Doing kid things.

Yesterday, we went to a friend's house
for a swimming play date.
Little Miss immediately walks straight into the pool
not realizing that she doesn't know how to swim.
I pulled her out and after another 90 minutes or so
she ventured in again.
This time wading.
And naked.
She decided she didn't need her suit on.
Or her diaper.
There were 9 kids under 8.
Certainly at least one of them had already peed in the pool.
Except not Elliott.
He peed in the bushes next to the pool.
And that was nothing, really.
Compared to Jocelyn.
She got out of the pool and came over to me,
squatted down and pooped.
On the patio.
At our friends house.
Who does that?!
Luckily it was solid.
And clean up only involved a wet wipe.
Next time we'll play at our house.
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August 1, 2010

Our Humor

We have a joke around our house that all Tymon has to do is look at me and I get pregnant. Because who else has five kids in under five years? Don't answer that. I know there are a few other crazies out there. But seriously, we want another girl and have "tried" (meaning haven't prevented) getting pregnant for just over a year. So, where I once knew how babies are made, now I'm mystified.

Or maybe it's just that the Lord has a different timeline. That's pretty much always the case with me. I like to think that I have control of my life ... and I like to act like I do. But I don't.

I did meet a lady this afternoon though who adopted a son from Ethiopia a couple of years ago. She worked with a local agency with an excellent reputation. And pretty much the entire cost would be covered by the adoption tax credit. So now I'm thinking about it. Again.

I'm pretty sure that if I look at some waiting child profile pics that one may just jump out at me. It was like that looking at exchange student photos/profiles. What do you bet that at some point we adopt and two weeks later I get pregnant? Ha ha. Maybe that only happens to a person once in a lifetime.

Pioneer Day

One of our favorite activities is the annual Pioneer Day celebration at church.
We "like" dressing up.
We love the activities.
We love the games.
And we really love earning our pioneer pennies.
This year I earned enough to buy a scone.
Actually, I got three.

We parked next to a tree.
One in need of being conquered.
The limbs weren't low enough for Graeden to access.
The rule is:
If you can't reach it,
you don't get to climb it.
But he had other ideas.
Ah, brotherly help.
Precious and hilarious.

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